Featured Fetish: Ice

Posted this on a timer last evening because tonight I am on a date! It's with a guy I've met with on and off for something like 7 years, we just always manage to reconnect. Hopefully this time is as fun as the rest. :)

So, Featured Fetish!
It's been a long time, right? This is a late one, was supposed to go up a weekend or two ago.
Ice is a REALLY fun torture tool that you can use sensually! If you're not into pain, ice is a great alternative, even in the most vanilla of relationships! I like to alternate my ice with wax to really overload the senses between the hot and the cold.
Also, leaving cubes down panties and such is really fun! Or letting them gather pools of melt in a belly-button while your sub squirms to cast the cold little nugget away. :D

I'm extremely happy with how this came out. I wasn't feeling great when I drew it yesterday so it took me a really long time but it was worth it! Everything about it is great, linework and coloring alike.
I suspect it came out so sexy because I myself have been quite sexually charged. After over 4 years of getting sex whenever I want it it's been tough to go cold turkey the last month or two I've been single. :( Who woulda thought it'd be so hard to get laid!!!


Anonymous said...

Ice is my favorite, and I love this comic. So great.

MeRLoT said...


Tram said...

Heh the last bit of your notes there made me think of Sublime's song Date Rape.

lovely art work as always.

Aelina said...

I've always wanted to try ice with my partners but my newest one hasn't even let me buy a toy yet, so I highly doubt he'd be into the ice thing.

This comic is definitely jumping out at me, sex-wise, so I hope you get some soon, Nic!

EducatedVirgin said...

@ Aelina

I would think that introducing Ice wold make your partner more open to more expanded game play.

Vera Wylde said...

The look of exquisite discomfort is perfectly captured in this image. Bravo.

Kavatica said...

Oooh hooray for Ice, one of my all-time favorites ^_^

Fantastic comic, lovely lady!

Anonymous said...

OMG... this is the hottest thing EVERRRR ... ever ever ever... *gulp*

Anonymous said...


ive caught up *tear slips down my cheek and i look like a poor hurt little kitten*

Pyro said...

I hear you on that last, darlin'. My man is military so first I get lots of yummy sex and then nothing for six months! Of course, I can't go hunting like you can. Good luck! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay, featured fetish time! It's always fun to see what kinda crazy fucked up stuff we humans can think to get off at.

BTW, your not gonna do ALL the fetishes you can find are ya? Cause there are some REEEEALY weird ones out there(namely "vore"), so search carefully.

But then again, could be hilarious if you do it. Keep up the comic babe, your awesome!

Nic said...

Actually, I initially made a list of some of the more popular fetishes in the scene but I've fallen into taking FF requests! So basically if you ask for it, I draw it. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, I get it. Well I don't see the harm then, it would be very intresing to see.

But then again, curiosity killed the cat.

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