Not That Kind Of Pain

Sorry it's late!
I was dumb and blinded by love and totally forgot to scan my lineart into my laptop before I went up to stay with PrettyBoy for a few days. But now I'm settled back at home and working on coloring for you again.

Not super duper happy with how this one came out but it'll do. Also, PrettyBoy had to cut his hair and shave his facial hair for work so I'm still getting a feel for how he's changed now.

This comic was originally written when I was still with Sharky who our friends and I named "The Destroyer" due to his mighty ability to unwittingly harm us at every moment. I'm sure all will be happy to know that PrettyBoy is heartily taking up the mantle. -_- Ouch.

And yes, there are good and bad pains! Sheesh. I guess it's a hard concept to grasp if you're not a masochist. I joke with friends who throw out the "don't you like pain" line that nobody stubs their toe and then shivers in ecstasy.

Right. Come Friday we FINALLY get back to the Featured Fetishes! Huzzah!


PrettyBoy said...

I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there has a fettish for toe stubbing.

Also, I hate the whole being clean cut for work thing with a passion. I want my beard face back.

Vera Wylde said...

People who think that you can't have bad pain just need to be asked one thing "Well... you like sex, so I assume you've NEVER had bad sex right?"

Kate said...

Right up in the corner of this page there is a report abuse button....Just saying. XD But seriously, loving the comic as always!

DaeDollie said...

Loving this update, as usual. Every face in this one is hysterically cute! :p
Wait, wait, wait...PrettyBoy....had to....OMFG! -________-
Having to do that is highly annoying. Making sexy guys with long hair cut it off. Breaks my heart when that happens.
Oh...Haaaiiii! >>;

Anywho- yeah. Love that updates are back! <3

Kiera-Oona said...

Whats funny is that every single one of these pannels has happened to me with my hubby. We've even knocked heads together once while making dinner.

Lord Crios said...

LoL, this is absolutely funny.

PrettyBoy said...

Dae, I didn't have to cut my hair, just shave. My hair is shorter now by choice but still longish. That being said, if I stick with my current job I'll probably have to -keep- it at the length it is now rather than grow it out a bit more like I'd planned :(

Rika said...

Like internal pains, those are quite a nuisance and ouchness Dx

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