When We Met

Yes. Seriously. Legit conversations PrettyBoy and I had when we first began seeing one another. Ahem, also we didn't hit it off so well the first round... *sigh* Maybe we'll take one anothers narcissism down a notch?

Augh. Yea, sorry for more PrettyBoy comics. I haven't actually drawn anything new while I was sick so I'm giving you guys some old private sketches to entertain you while I get my act together. Heck, it's better than no comics, at all. I may give ya'll a bonus comic tomorrow for the ones I've missed, so long as you don't mind another silly little PrettyBoy sketch.

Blah blah blah, I'm kinda buzzed so I'll keep it short. This weekend I'm having a session with Mark as well as working the Grand Prix in Long Beach. It's gonna be a BUSY weekend! :D
Also, there's a meeting about the renewal of the dungeon today! I hope to have news to share with you all soon. :)


Miss Kara said...

awe, but I LIKE Pretty Boy. Besides being pretty, he seems nice.

Vera Wylde said...

Well you can't win 'em all. The streak had to end at some point. Best of luck with the dungeon renewal.

Anonymous said...

You are working the Long Beach Grand Prix? That's awesome. I will be working in the harbor, on the Aquabus boats, ferrying people from the Queen Mary to the event all Sat and Sun.

Goda said...

Yay, Mark! You'll have to say hi for me. Been missing you guys.

Anonymous said...

All your comics are sweet but I do look forward to more BDSM themed ones! It's what we love you for!!

Moohead said...

i love all your journal comics, bdsm themed or not. so don't ever apologize for your work! it's all awesome :)

Anonymous said...

What a woman needs to orgasm:
The right time
The right place
The right mood
The right guy (or girl)
The right temperature
The right motion
The right touch

What a guy needs to orgasm:

Anonymous said...

All true, but what if you're left handed instead of right?!?

Anonymous said...

I really love the comic but updates are at such a snail's pace. That wouldn't bug me if there was more BDSM stuff. I've been reading from page one and all the dungeon stuff was amazing aside from not going in depth enough. Then the comic started to stray into a sort of journal comic for the most part, leaving us who wish to see life as a pro Domme with a light hearted feel. Maybe to please some of your fans you could even do a small series of comic updates about one session that would would deem pretty run of the mill and then work up to doing more about different kinds of sessions? Pretty boy is pretty but yeah, this seems more like a personal journal rather than a Dominatrix's BDSM comic. I love journal comics but that's not what I expected and loved from the promising teasers at what goes on in sessions in the earlier comics. Please, Nic, I loved seeing the BDSM go down. Also, it seems you post a lot in the comments of your comic that working on it is a chore. Maybe you aren't enjoying it as much as you maybe think would keep you on track with updates? *shrug* But this is just an anon opinion. I didn't know if anyone else had expressed these feelings about the comic before. And please, Nic, this isn't meant to be a flame, attack or insult.

Nic said...

Anon, you need to understand that I'm a real person and live a real life. Updating 3 days a week is a pretty hefty load. It means HALF of my week is spent working on comics for you guys. I do work, I do have chores and errands and bills AND a social life. I do need to eat and sleep. And I do fall ill (like I mentioned I have been recently.)
When I work 4 days in a row or get sick then yes, I have absolutely no time to update a comic every other day.

I appreciate everyone being patient and sticking with me. I COULD cut this comic down to once a week but honestly, I'd rather have it be a three times a week comic that may lapse for a week or so when real-life rears its head.

If you guys prefer I cut down on the update schedule officially, I can do that. But I really would rather not.

Also, I have to be cheeky and toss in, "Aren't you all into tease and denial!?" ;P

PrettyBoy said...

Also, if you go back the last few months, most of the comics that were not during the road trips were about BDSM. Let's review for a moment the comics so far this year: January was all about the road trip, because that's what Nic was doing, out of 7 comics in February , only 2 of them were not directly about BDSM and one of those two was about body image/self esteem which is another focus of this comic, and in March, there were 12 comics and only one of them was not about BDSM. Since August of last year, Nic's professional life has been pretty turbulent and it's understandable that she might not be as regular about posting BDSM comics since this comic is about -her life- as it relates to BDSM. Aside from the occasional road-trip videos and making commentary on her social life from time to time, things have been pretty consistent since she got things back together and started working regularly again.

Though I'll admit, April so far has been about Nic and I, and I've been poking at her to get back to the preferred subject matter :p

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sure you've been poking at her, Pretty Boy ;)

PrettyBoy said...

Usually three to four times a day, actually.

Den said...

I'm just happy the comic updates fairly regularly and that we don't have to wait months between updates. Life happens. I understand that. I've been dealing with Life myself... Besides, the comic's worth waiting for. :3

DaeDollie said...

Well, why not make some sort of compromise one way or another? Like, maybe do the featured fetish a bit more often when nothing related to BDSM comes up within the 'real-life' vibe to comic about. Or something else, that wouldn't take up a lot of time, was BDSM related, for the readers here just for that aspect of the comic, and would keep the updates coming.
Like maybe Nic could slip in a small "informative" comic or something of the like about items used in the BDSM world. For example, a ball-gag, maybe do a small comic showing it being used, and then some information about it or something simple for people to learn about it. (I know most everyone is familiar with a gag, I was just using something simple as an example).

I, personally, love seeing other things going on in her life. (...and it has nothing to do with my comic crush on nic and prettyboy. >>;; Nope, nothing at all...)

Uh, and I got distracted again and forgot everything else I was going to say. So, I guess I'm done. T_T
Oh, and yes, I do love the teasing. ;)

Anonymous said...

So, I've noticed that people keep bitching because there isn't a STREAM of BDSM stuff...

I don't care, just so long as you keep being funny. ("Keep". Hahaha, I'm not even at the 2yr one yet. T_T. So much reading!!! And commenting!!! Hm... maybe if I didn't post my every thought this would go faster... funny how that works, lol.)

Anonymous said...

How is it so hard to get your partner to orgasm?? If you do it right, and they're alright down there, it shouldn't be very hard.

Nic said...

Anon, wow, very, VERY much not true.
Statistically MOST women have trouble achieving orgasm, many even by themselves! Not to mention the countless women who've NEVER orgasmed. And that's just the ladies! Men have numerous issues with achieving orgasm, as well, from delayed ejaculation (or retarded ejaculation) to anejaculation to just side effects of health problems or medication.

And even if a man (or woman) is perfectly healthy you're not accounting for human EMOTION. Orgasm isn't an on/off button in most people. People need to be there mentally and emotionally, they need to feel relaxed with their partner.

I'm really happy you and you're partner clearly have no problem but you are not the norm and it's not a statement on how others conduct themselves in bed, it's just that everybody is different. In the case of PrettyBoy and I, we're great for orgasms now but when we first met we were both mourning the loss of a long-term relationship (and I was mourning the death of a friend AND my business) and we both didn't know one another very well and were nervous, besides.

Not to mention (and this goes back to that orgasm is not a button comment) we were having sex for the very first time so we had NO IDEA what turned one another on, how to work with each other's bodies etc. Mix all the elements together and we were a recipe for no orgasms that first time. :)

Sex is not a science. It's a living, feeling, moving, emotional thing and every single person wants it different and does it different and feels it differently.

Congratulations on your orgasms, but don't put down the people who are still working on it. :)

Miss Vonn said...

@those of you who - uh bitch that this girl - who clearly does this for the love of the art - she holds down 2 or 3 other jobs - doesn't update with enough BDSM related comics - have you clicked that little DONATIONS button...or are you just bitching to bitch??? Seriously - like anything in the real world - NOTHING is free. If you don't want to read about pretty boy - but you love this womans art - there's a solution - make this site profitable enough for her to spend the time! Voila - I betcha a million bucks that if enough people were supporting this site this lovely lady would change her priorities in a nano-second - :)

Nic said...

I hate to say you're right, Miss Vonn, but you're right. Money has to take priority right now. :( I love NicBuxom and plan to keep it up but it definitely takes the backburner to paying gigs. Thanks for being supportive. :)

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