Client Down!

Okay, disclaimer right now! This is NOT a real story. I've never seen a client die in session and I've never heard of it happening, either. I'm certain it probably has happened to someone, somewhere, but not in my experiences. :P
Sometimes we do get old guys that I sweat about playing heavy with but it always turns out fine.

So, this is not one of my usual true stories. This is a totally fictional story arc that I'm doing for the month of May! It's my birthday month AND it's the birthday of the comic! :D That's right, the end of May is the FOURTH anniversary of NicBuxom! Yays. :3

So, I know I usually do Freaky Fetish Month but instead I'm doing this random arc. Hopefully you guys still enjoy it, it's just a silly idea that I've been kicking around for awhile. :P

Also, I rushed through this comic and I feel like you can tell. :(
I wanted this arc to be really pretty and special for you all but this month is CRAZY for me so I'm going to be rushing horribly the whole time. Blaugh. This weekend is DomCon, one of the biggest BDSM themed conventions, ever! And it's run by the world renowned Mistress who runs my dungeon, too. :) (By the by, if you live in LA and want to attend DomCon you should email me! I may be looking for another pair of hands to maybe help me sell TENS units over the weekend! Plus, it would just be nice to see some of you there!)

Anyway, yes, there's DomCon, there's MY birthday, there's my MOMs birthday, there's other conventions to sell TENS units, there's business meetings... and then the commissions and comics and life in general doesn't stop so yaaargh. I have barely any days off this month. Just swamped. So please, everyone, be patient with me!

Anyway aahh.. yep, I guess that's all... Feel free to send me presents for my birthday, I've been shamelessly asking for things off my wishlist because I freakin' feel like it. Aaaaannd... enjoy this arc as it progresses!... I guess that's it! See ya!


Mistress Sable said...

Would that be our Client Thomas (Likes cattle prod and titties out) LOL.....

Nic said...

Oh god, does it look like him!? No, no, not supposed to be anyone specific. :P

Anonymous said...

Damn, he looks like he first died and then came to the dungeon :D

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