Job Benefits

Whoo! Show us your tits!
So, yea, I guess Nic is finally learning to fit in... or at least finding something she likes about the job. ;)
Today was my three year anniversary with Shahar so I may have rushed a bit on the comic. I meant to draw a background and completely forgot. Oh well, in the future.
SO! The next post will be the little feature I've been teasing you all about for so long now! I hope you like it. We'll see. :)


Lord Crios said...

Good anniversary hun.

Lacey Lou said...

kehe^^ chee chees

Anonymous said...

And what about a photo of your dungeon partner in this comic? xD
Just kidding ^^
Happy aniversary! :D

IvanHajduk from DeviantArt

Nikki Wood said...

Congrats on your anniversary!
Loving the comic!

Dylan said...

Happy anniversary you crazy lovebirds! ;D

Jacob said...

Just read through the whole run, and I am very amused by it all. The artwork is amazing and the writing is witty. Thanks for doing this.

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