Assets Revealed

We're working on all kinds of goodies for you guys out there!
Soon the page will be expanding and we should have a number of other pages INCLUDING a fanart page! So, any artistic fans out there I invite you to get started on some fanart for me to proudly display here! :D
Oh, and yay! Clothes coming off!
You'd think we're all of us girls are basically built the same but sometimes you can't help but admire another ladies assets. ;)


>.< -_- ^.^ -_- >.< said...

Basically built the same 0.o I never thought that xD Anyway, luvin' the work a lot and I can't wait for the next part of this nutty series ^.^ Definitely gonna put up some fan art for ya when I get the chance. All aside from that, keep it goin'! Ya actually prevented this day from being a dull day for me >.<

Lord Crios said...

LoL too funny

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, this is one of the funniest you have posted. Love this comic ^^
IvanHajduk from deviantart!

Bramble said...

Dear gods....this is one of my favorite comments in the series. The other being Whistle While You Shave

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