Childish or Childlike?

Okay! I've found the time to update! Go me!
I traveled for about 24 hours today. And I've currently been awake for about 32 hours or so. I feel kinda like I'm drunk or hungover. I'm weaving and dizzy. I'm sure a full nights sleep will fix that.

I had a really sweet incident while traveling but I'm too tired to gush about it now, maybe in a future post.

So, yes, Sharky and I aren't all smiles and roses all the time and yes this was a real argument. The other panels are daily stuff and most of the time I just find it amusing and endearing. Also, don't get me wrong, I'm a gamer, but not on the same level he is.
Okay, just poking fun at him a bit. The next comic is the last Sharky comic and then we have the next featured fetish and then back to our regularly scheduled program!

NC is nice. Very humid but I'm enjoying the rain. I'll give you more detailed updates once I've had time to actually do something besides travel! :P


IvanHajduk said...

Hey, Nic: tits or gtfo

Of course I am joking! ^^
We men never grow up, actually. But you should see yourselves buying shoes, hehehe.
Latex gloves for a birthday presents sound fine, right? A friend of mine is dying for them and I own her a gift :D

Nic said...

Trust me, I know I'm childish about things at times, too. But I've never growled at Sharky not to treat me like one, either. ;)

Hey, if she's dying for them then they sound like a great gift! Some CBT in her future? ;P

StealthBuda said...

You should have seen me just before Halo 3: ODST came out. 'How far the mighty have fallen,' I get from her. Just you wait until the midnight release of Modern Warfare 2, then the childlike skipping is on.

My missus took me to a game Exhibition called Game On. And I trounced three ten year olds at a multi-player lan that was set up for the first Halo. That last pannel was me, in the excited tirade, those exact words probably even escaped my lips. I'm going to be a terribly competative father.

From our point of view though, the 'Don't treat me like a child' has it's place. It only applies to that situation, and anything that's happened before, or happens after isn't allowed to be used during any arguement.


IvanHajduk said...

HAHAHAHAHA, maybe with her boy but not with me!!!

KENESU said...

Look at me! LOOK!!! lol

SoreThumb said...

LOOK at me! Look! I also Loled at that.. XD

Comet said...

GASP! You were in NC?

Nic said...

Yes! I really liked it, everyone was very friendly. :)

Boomer Gonzales said...

I just love this page especially the third panel. Considering the overall subject material, it reminds me of the time I tried to supercharge a vibrator. ^_^;;

Sandra Fowler said...

OMG So true.

Anonymous said...

OMG I cannot even begin to express how much this is like my fiance and I XD I swear I cant bring him into a store because he's like a 5 year old running around the isles picking things up and going "I want it, I want it, Please" XD seriously what is with guys!

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