Then and Now

Okay, last Sharky post for awhile.
Like everything else, this is true. I've had ex's freak out when I draw a comic about them. To be honest, it's just a hazard of the relationship with me. ;)
Also true is that Sharky is ALWAYS supportive of any of my creative endeavors, even if they're at his expense. :) He's the one that really kicked me in the ass and got me to start this comic, like I'd always wanted but never had the confidence to do.
I've had exs that I've never bothered to comic about but who still managed to be wholly disinterested in anything I ever produced, too. Meh. At least I'm past that, now.

Also, the ex-boyfriend character here is not a likeness of any of my real life exs, or of anyone at all for that matter. I just made up some random guy for the role. See, I can be nice sometimes. ;P


Jay said...

I gotta say, I wouldn't mind seeing some gay fanart of Ex Boyfriend :D

Woodwose said...

When my wife was alive, she'd actively bug me to draw comics of her, the more 'true-to-life' (losing her ATM card...again, Walking around with her glasses perched on her head - and wondering where they were and the like) the more she laughed.

DevilishlySweet Plus said...

Honestly I think its quite flattering to have comics drawn about the true-life eccentricities in a relationship. But then again I may not be normal :D

Part 1 Part 2

IvanHajduk said...

You look much better now

Anonymous said...

You've gotten significantly cuter since the previous boyfriend too.

Nic said...

Hey all, I'm kinda insulted! I significantly miss my mohawks! And I like my bod both ways. :(

Hikori said...

I liked it when my ex drew comics about me XD i kept on asking them for more too, when i saw these last few comics i kept going "d'awww" because it's cute >x<

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