Something To Put On Your Resume!

Hello again, my fellow deviants!
Here's another update for you, with some news as a side.
So, tomorrow I leave on a 2 week vacation to visit my childhood friends. I'll spend a week in North Carolina and then a week in Portland, Oregon. So, during this time I'm expected to update 4 times. I have the next featured fetish drawn already (and boy I think you guys'll like it) but not the other three, yet. I'm going to do my damndest to make sure I continue updating while I'm away but if I fumble please be considerate and understand why. :) Even I need a vacation, sometime!

So, this is my inroduction of Sharky. I wanted to have him pop up asap so he doesn't seem like something new in my life or an afterthought. Also, I appreciate him immensely as he makes this comic (he designed the site layout for me) and many other wonderful things in my life possible. Like dinner and patched pants and such.
Plus, he's SUCH a good sport about what I do for a living. I don't think we've ever really had a problem because of it and his understanding and open-mindedness is of immeasurable value to me. This is why I so lovingly portray him as my sub. ;) Heehee.

Also, just because HE didn't get the joke (sigh) I feel like I should explain myself here, which just makes me feel so lame. The joke is that Coco's asking what he does for a LIVING. Nic is mistaking/joking about the "everything" part since he does so much for her. Get it? Get it?
Is it just me?
Eh...Anyway, I'm super happy with how the second panel came out for some reason. And Coco is lookin' goooood.

Oh, I wanted to just throw out one more little thing, since it pertains to the comic. I had a commission asked of me by the aformentioned StealthBuda to do a scene of poor little NicBuxom herself being scooped up by a giant to be consumed and I thought I'd share it with you all here, since I like it so much. Here ya go.

Okay! I'll work hard all day today to try to get the comics drawn, inked and scanned in to work on for while I'm away. Plus, I guess I know...pack. D:


Anonymous said...

Your comming to Portland Oregon, my home town, how nice. What is bringing you up this way? And I'm just curious to see if this is a very small world, do you know Lee Harrington?


Nic said...

I don't think I know a Lee Harrington but to be fair I'm REALLY horrible with names.

I'm headed up to Portland to see my best friend. :)

TJC Martin said...

LOVE this comic. It's such a lovely dedication. =) Hope your boyfriend loved it.

Hope you have a great time in Portland!

Jodey/Fat Chick Biker said...

Oh where in NC are you gonna be? I'm in the Raleigh area! :D

Anonymous said...

I got it! God, your art just keeps getting more and more fabulous. Sharky looks GREAT! And I'm going to make fun of him for not getting the punchline in your final panel. Love you guys, can't wait to see you! Yay! (If you can't guess, I'm not telling you!)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh-HAhaHAahaHahaaa!! YAY That is SOOOO Sharky in COMIC form *lol* Brilliant work! I got what Coco's asking! =) hehe
HAVE FUN on vacation!!

Nic said...

Jodey, I'm flying into Raleigh but I'll ultimately end up in Willmington. However I do have about 5 hours stuck in Raleigh before the bus comes to take me to my final destnation. If you wanted to get a coffee or something I'd have nothing better to do! :P

Anonymous said...

*Jealous of Jodey*

Nic said...

You're about to have lunch with me, Mia! You can have coffee with me anytime! :P

IvanHajduk said...

Both of you are very lucky by having each other, then :)
One of your nicest chapter of this great comic :D
Regards Nic!

StealthBuda said...

Two mentions in two posts, have to try and get myself featured every week.

Damn your fella's heritiage and his abilty to grow cool facial hair, while us in the UK have to suffer various random European genes that makes our hair grow thin and a variety of different colours. He does look sharp.


Nic said...

Haha! Sharky is a hairy guy. He calls his beard his "excuse for a jawline." ;)

StealthBuda said...

Did you get my message on DA Nic?

How's the traveling?


Anonymous said...

*flashes Nic mental picture of tearful me*

Enjoy your vacation!

Nic said...

Just got internet access! I've been awake for more than 30 hours now and I feel completely wasted. I'm weaving and dizzy and feel slightly sick. I'm trying to stay awake until nightfall here to get my schedule right. It is SO good to see my friend and her kid is keeping us busy, busy, busy!

Jodey/Fat Chick Biker said...

Oh damn! I didn't see this til just now! I would have loved to have coffee with you.

Wilmington is a nice city. You doing pics? I was there last December and it was beautiful.

Well if you come back through Raleigh and have some time, lemme know.

Nic said...

Aw, shoot. Oh well, I might have more chances in the future!
I am flying out of Raleigh but I don't think I'll be getting there early this time since I have a ride. We've taken a few pics, I might post some here when the trip is done! I love the rainy weather, we don't get that much in LA. The humidity is awful, though! But yes, lovely country. I dig the trees everywhere. :)

SoreThumb said...

This is pretty awesome. It's cool to have a home life situation that works out-- no idea if he works yet, I"m going backwards D:

timbateson said...

Wow... Just now got to this point of the comic, and am LOVING it... I know still have a lot to read, but wanted to note just how much I HATE flying. Especially since I have to fly all the way to England to see old school friends or family...

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