Featured Fetish: Tattoos!

Didn't I tell you I'd give you a Margarita pinup to show off her Virgin Mary Tat? :)
So, alot of the guys who call in to play with the girls request girls with no piercings and no tattoos. Then there are the ones that are specifically INTO tattoos and body mods. I wouldn't call it a FETISH of mine as it's not a necessity for me but I do think tattoos are extremely hot. I guess as an artist it appeals to me that we can permanently decorate our bodies with designs and art. Very cool!
I had alot of fun with this pinup since it's a bit more traditional but I'm not great at drawing and coloring tattoos. Practice makes perfect, though!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... That pose is so hot...lol
I wish I could just walk around in the drawing and take a look from the front lol
I love the eyes, hair and tattoo colouring.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this picture and I just went through and read all the strips

I can't tell you how many times I was actually laughing out loud or giggling

My room-mate had to tell me to keep it down or get out of the TV room

Seafog said...

Wow, that is pretty hot!
I normally do NOT like that sort of platform heel shoe. I generally think they look terrible imho, but you managed to make them look pretty sweet here!

Anonymous said...

I love this pinup. It's super sexy, plus I think it's really cool how you took in consideration the effect that a woman's curvys and her spine has on back tattoos in these types of poses.

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