Happy Hanukkah!

There we are.

Thanks for waiting, everyone!
So, today is the dungeon's holiday party. I'm gonna party and eat and socialize with the gals and then stick around to play with my new toy (the violet wand) at the club afterwards. :) I'm looking forward to it!
Plus, I get to drink for free all night. Yay!

Maybe I'll get some photos of me using the violet wand and post them here. No promises, though. :)

So, like I said in the previous line-art post, I'm not Jewish but alot of my friends are and this was Mia's really cute idea. I could get behind a holiday that had a menorah made of women! :P

Alright, not alot else to say about this one. We've got two more standard updates and then I'm gonna try to get you all a Christmas pin-up. I'm not Christian, either, but my family has always celebrated that holiday so it's a traditional part of my life that I look forward to.
I am SO unprepared for it.

Okay, happy holidays guys, whatever you may celebrate! :)


Anonymous said...

I love your comics! A friend sent me the link to your Hanukkah card and I loved it. I've met some of those guys (and girls) you draw. The twins? They play at the club I go to. And they're not lesbians here either rofl. I don't know about your BDSM skills, but your comic art is excellent!

ministan said...

As much a celebration of the Festival of Light as it is the wonderful diversity in lovely ladies!

Rose Thorn said...

Very cute!!

Nic said...

Um, Anonymous, all of my characters are fictional. I don't actually know any twins. :P

I'm glad you like the comic, though!

IvanHajduk from DeviantART said...

It's so obvious to guess which one is yo (lovely) ^^
Happy Christmas from Argentina! :D

Lord Crios said...

Really cute.

Vera Wylde said...

I had fun going back through older posts and identifying all the legs!

Anonymous said...

Really cute!

Mknzy said...

This is what I call an update. Love the view.

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