Pleas Fall on Deaf Ears

Ahhh. A short one but the joke really didn't need more than one panel. :)
I should have explained in an earlier comic but forgot that "mercy" is the house safe-word. That sorta brings this joke home. A safe-word is a word agreed upon before play so that a bottom can effectively communicate to a top when they want the scene or an activity to stop. It's particularly important in role-play scenarios because pleading could be involved as part of the role and everyone needs to know when begging turns serious and means it really needs to stop.
It's true that sometimes The Shocker doesn't see/hear us calling out our safewords but he doesn't do so maliciously and we've all gotten really good at communicating with him when we need to.

So, The Shocker has finally gone home after four days of play. I'm extremely tired but very, very happy. He's one of my absolute favorite clients and he earns the title as such. Such a nice guy.
I think I forgot to mention in the last update that not ONLY did he get me the violet wand with most of the standard attachements but he also got me three extra attachments, one of which is a threaded plug that allows for almost any clear standard light-bulb to be used, regardless whether or not it is dead! He brought me a number of different bulbs today and we tried them all. I knew the candelabra one would glow orange but I was really surprised to see one of them glow GREEN! The color is affected by the gases in the bulb but I'd never seen a green one before so that was a really pleasent surprise. :)

He also got me a hitachi wand! I've only played with it once so far and the experience was VERY intense so I'm going to lay off that thing for awhile! :O He also brings us fruit, cupcakes and other little treats sometimes. He got me a bikini that is nothing but a few strings, doesn't even have a cover in the front, but I think it looks kinda silly on me. I think it's made for thinner gals. :P

Alright, I'm very tired. One more comic on The Shocker come Wednesday and then we move on to some holiday cheer. :)


wahzill said...

Oh no! Love the expression in this one!

Lord Crios said...

But a safe word isn't a word out of the contest? Like in a sexual roleplay "Timbuctu"?

Nic said...

A safeword that can be anything agreed upon ahead of time. Most people do try to pick something really strange so that it would stand out from the normal banter of roleplay but as long as it's something you wouldn't normally say in session it will work.

Some of the girls have their own words and they're really strange things (like timbuctu!) but just to make it easier the house safeword is Mercy, in case you forget to mention your personal safeword ahead of time etc. :)
I usually use "mercy" when I'm in the dungeon but when I play privately I like to use "red/yellow" with yellow meaning slow down or ease up and with red meaning stop. :) Like stoplights.

Lord Crios said...

"Stop, stop you damn, give me the time to remember my safeword" :D

Aredd said...

loving your new updates.

Brian said...

I saw a t-shirt once that cracked me up... It said "My safe word is "OW!""

(the word verification for this comment was hurtax... lol

Anonymous said...

My safe word is "beef" because I'm a vegan and my boyfriend knows I wouldn't use it otherwise. xD

Anonymous said...

How would you communicate a 'safeword' to a deaf person? Would it be a similar situation if the sub was unable to communicate verbally? (such as with a gag)

Nic said...

Thankfully TheShocker can read lips but sometimes he's not looking at us and in a flurry of screaming doesn't really make out what we're saying. I've been working with him for so long now, though, that I think he can read my body language pretty well. Plus he's very considerate about giving us breaks etc.

But, were this a new client or someone I didn't have good trust and communication with then I'd probably set up some kind of physical sign, like a hand signal of some sort. TheShocker and I actually do use certain hand communications when we play like thumbs up or down etc.

Anonymous said...

This one above all others had me LOL. Loud enough that i woke my wife (sorry!)

These are awesome, as are you...

fozzie on FL

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