Belated XXXmas

Good Morning, People!

Um, happy belated holidays?
So, I'm back! Today was the first day I felt truly better so I cranked out this late xmas idea for you all. :)

I spent around $400 (no insurance) trying to figure out what was wrong with me. They still don't know. It is suspected it was strep, tonsilitis or mono. At any rate, the docs have me on antibiotics and I'm finally feeling a little better. Still not 100% but I'm not dying now. :)

SO! Back to work! I'm going to do my damndest to catch you all up because I don't want to sacrifice any story-line or my anal organizing. I can make no promises about what the schedule will be like for awhile here but I'm going to try to (maybe) update every day until we're back on schedule.
Please don't hold me to it.

To everyone waiting on pictures, commissions and otherwise thank you SO much for being patient.
I had a really crappy Christmas, I was too sick to see my family and I haven't even been able to send everyone their gifts yet. :( Sharky took really good care of me, though, and I'm trying to play catch-up and get back on track with life.

It's nice to be among the living again!
Happy New Year if I don't post again before then. :D

PS all the well wishes were really awesome you guys, thanks. :*)


J J said...

I'm glad to know you are doing better, although I have the feeling you might like to give the docs some Dom medicine for mucking around with you.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Whew, I was getting pretty worried about you! Way to go for pulling through, I can only imagine how difficult that was at this time of year. Take it easy, though! As much as we love our Nic Buxom fix, your health is more important!

Rose Thorn said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Really lovely comic. Great to see you're feeling better and no longer dying. Cheers to a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Nic's back!
Might I suggest, though, that we won't mind if you take your time. It actually seemed that the art sorta suffered when you stepped up the update schedule, so really just once or twice a week would probably work out best, and wouldn't be nearly as stressful as once a day ^_^

Nic said...

I appreciate everyone offering to wait for me. Part of me agrees that if you're all so gracious as to not mind and be patient with me that stuff might progress in a nicer way if I take my time... but the other side of me wants to have lots of output and wants to make sure stories progress in a timely manner. I will say I'm not commiting to a schedule again yet until I'm caught up, at least. :) I have a few inked pieces I just need to scan in and photoshop a bit, I might be giving some bulk postings soon.

Anonymous said...

I just found this comic, and I think it's great! I love your style.

Lindsey said...

Happy New Year, Nicole... awesome holiday comic, I love it...

Anonymous said...

I love your comic and I know how stressing it can be about updates and whatnot. Take your time and do work you're happy with, not stuff you throw up just to have an update. Everyone will wait for you.

Lord Crios said...

I'm really happy to hear that you are better now, a really lucky and happy new year hun.

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