Electric Vengeance

Ugh, I'm so tired you guys.
This is another short one which is just so mercifully timed because I'm exhausted and I have a session first thing early tomorrow morning so I'm already up too late. Blah.

Yes, I get to cattle prod TheShocker on the cock but he really has to be in the right mood so it doesn't happen EVERY time he visits. And usually he can only take one. My other client is the star pupil of the cattle prod variety as he can take it AS MANY times as I can dish it out on the cock and balls. Now THAT is a shit-ton of fun. Oh, Marky, don't ever change. ;)

Alright, I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow I have to bellydance during a vampire roleplay in a three-girl session. That should be fun! :D


Kaos said...

I don't know about anybody else, but if I saw someone with that expression comming toward me with a cattle prod aimed at my cock, I'd be in another zip code!

Anonymous said...

I like electricity as much as the next weirdo, but I dunno if I could take a shock to the balls. More than once. Unless it turned out to feel as good as it does thru the hand.

Nic said...

Most people don't like it. TheShocker actually needs us to ramp him up pretty high on the tens unit before he'll take a shock to the cock. :) So far I've only found one guy who can take it repeatedly and like a pro and I'm SO happy he found me. :D

Lord Crios said...

Yugh ... on it? Ouch.

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