Okay, this is an old comic I'd been saving for an emergency (like if I got sick or who knows what) and I figured now would be a good time to use it. I have a bunch of comics drawn up but I'm an idiot and I lent out my scanner! So, let this one tide you all over till I can snag it back and get back to the current stuff. :P

I'm back home from Puerto Rico! There's too much to tell really but I'll try to get you guys a few choice pictures and tales from the hundreds that I have!!!

And don't worry, missed featured fetishes and such will go up as well! We'll catch up!

Also, yes, I've had marriage proposals and guys wanting to take me away and dudes who wanna date etc etc and some get REALLY, really attached, some to the point of being stalkery. :/

Okay, I'm back at the dungeon for my first time today so I'm going to dart off. More soon!!!


Vera Wylde said...

It's true with ANY profession where you might potentially have admirers: if you're not single they NEED to know that. Of course the depressing (and mildly scary) thing is how many of them will not bat an eye or even slow down after being told you're not single.

Nic said...

You are 100% right Vera!

David Newt said...

Ok, NOW I'm completely caught up.

My girl got me into reading your comic by, oddly enough, making your foot fetish pic my desktop background as a wake-up surprise.

I've already added you to my RSS feeds, and I certainly plan to keep up. You've got something very good going here. I also went ahead and gave the comic a small plug in my journal on a site that that I frequent quite a lot on.

Nic said...

Thanks David! I'm really glad you like it! I've been lagging lately but now that my travels are complete I'm working on getting us back on schedule. :)

vanessa said...

OMG, Nic, did you read my blog @ Deviant? This guy would NOT leave me alone even though he knew and knows I am taken and have been for over 4 years....called me @ 4 am! Ignoring him but kind of scared.

Nic said...

Just make sure you're SUPER clear with him that he needs to back the fuck off. Once you've made it clear then yea, just completely ignore him, don't feed him ANY attention to fuel it.

Sorry about that. :/ Yuck. There are strange people out there (I should know!) ;P

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