Mild Mannered Artist By Day...

Yargh, I'm siiiiiiick!
Hate. >:I

So, yes, I hope this one is funny. I used to be somewhat notorious for showing up pre-dressed with just a hoodie and skirt hiding my Dominatrix gear. I still joke about my "Clark Kent" disguise. Especially since I wear big geeky glasses normally and not while at work. :)

Anyway. I'm too snively and annoyed to want to write too much more. Sorry to be curt with you all. I'm hoping to be well by the weekend cuz I'm going to Vegas to work (selling the tens units.) And the weekend after that I'll be at AdultCon so maybe I'll see some of you guys there. :)

For now I'm going to rest while I can. See you guys in a day or two. :)


Emilly Orr said...

I like the "Clark Kent" reference, it's amusing, and it's fun. (Even more so that you've pulled it off in the past.) And hey, being sick sucks for everyone. Indulge yourself, lots of fluids, lots of whining, and stay warm; you'll be un-sick in no time. :)

Vampi said...

YAY!! Not the only nerdy switch in this world!! Love ya Nic!! Keep being ya bad self!

Deviantgent said...

And done without use of a phonebox! That's a skill, right there.

Anonymous said...

Get to feeling better, Nic! Make PrettyBoy make you some soup!

model S said...

sorry i didn't reply back on the last comic. been busy.

it's great that my suggestion is taken seriously ^^ i honestly thought about just keeping it to myself i didn't want to come of like... i don't know the word... i'll figure it out at some point... but yea, i'm happy you consider it.

as for the bets, one was about figging, a couple of my friends and i were drinking and talking about fetishes. i mentioned figging and they were like "that's not a fetish you're just being weird again" after a heated arguement where i pointed out that i'm the one that's into BDSM ect, i finally said "bet me, i can pull up a site in 10 minutes that proves it from a pro dominatrix." i made $10. ((about $2 a friend))

the other was something you brought up on one of the fetishes, i can't remember which, but you said that people use the names interchangably, when the fact is they're two totally diffrent fetishes. i didn't get any cash that time, but still, i shut them up.

also you feel better nic. eat some bread and soup and drink plenty of liquids. promise!

oh and you can just call me "S", it's alot faster to type.

Nic said...

Nahhhh I'm always happy to hear suggestions from you guys!
I may not always take them but your input is important. Helps me keep everyone entertained with ease. ;P
And yea, I think that making the FFs easily accessible is an astute request. I just need to mull over how I'm going to go about it...

Also, I'm highly amused that you're winning bets off of NB. :P I shall continue to educate and entertain to the best of my ability!

MasterIppi said...

Greetings Nic. One of my slaves, nicknamed fuckmeat, showed me your webcomic, and I have completed it in 2 days. I do love both your style of art, and also the subject of your art. Do get well soon. I have added this webcomic to my folder of webcomics that I read daily. Keep up the good work ^-^

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