Gift Exchange Idea?

Hi guys!
Sorry this isn't an arty update again. :(
I fail at cartoonist.

Some bad news happened but I'm working my way through accepting and forgetting it and focusing on all the awesome stuff in my life right now. That should help me get back to updating, truly.

I thought you guys might enjoy this recent photoshoot I did. I own waaay too many corsets. D:
But....uh..... feel free to send me more. ;)

And, speaking of which, I wanna break an idea to you all.
What do you think of this...
I want gifts for the holidays. I don't have the space and I totally don't NEED anything I want but I WANT. I want. I want...
(Hey, at least I'm honest.)

So, I was kicking around the idea of a sort of holiday trade or gift exchange? PLEASE sound off in the comments and tell me if you like this idea. So that we can all get what we want I'm thinking that for every gift you send me off of my wishlist I'll send you a t-shirt of your choice.
You like?

I'm thinking if you get me an item of anything under $10 and I'll shoot ya a sticker. $10 or more I'll send you a print of your choice and a sticker. And if you send a gift of $20 or more I'll send you a t-shirt. And if you send $25 or more I'll send shirt, print and sticker. And if you do $50 or more I'll send you a shirt, all 4 prints and 2 stickers.

Does that sound fun? Fair? I don't know. Give me your feedback!

I want to reiterate I'm also totally fine with my previous and long-standing trade offer that every item you send me I'll send you a photoshoot of me wearing/with. However, I won't have the time to do shoots AND send merch so if you gift me something please choose and specify if you want merch or if you want photos. I'm only gonna do either/or for this, sorry. It's a busy enough time as is. O_O

I still wanna hear from you guys first but if you LIKE the idea you'll have to email me with the details of what you want (as far as shirts and prints etc) Sorry, it's not a polished system. :/
Also, I won't send out the merch until I receive the gift, seeing as lots of people "reserve" items on my wishlist that I never receive so I figure better safe than sorry.

However, if you're on PrettyBoy's side and feel that I have ENOUGH junk as it is then I've got something for you, too. Holidays fast approaching, I'm going to drop the price on my shirts and prints. :) I know it's hard times, I'm feeling it too, so if you've been saving up for a NicBuxom shirt or think it'd make a great gift for that special kinky someone then from Nov. 5th (I need a second to change the buttons and whatnot) to the end of the year I'll have those two items on abit of sale. :)
You're welcome!
(And for the sake of clarity I'm not dropping the stickers cuz they're already so cheap and I'm not dropping the art-book cuz it's a collaborative thing and we split it.)

Happy early holidays! Feed my greed!
Please sound off!


Kathleen said...

Sounds good ^_^ I love the photoshoot you did as well!

Nobilis Reed said...

Gorgeous photos! You look great in a corset.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your ability to wear a corset! Any recommendations for good corsets for larger women?

Nic said...

I got all of the ones pictured at Corset Story. They have larger sizes and they're beautiful corsets that have been keeping up well so far but the BEST part is that they're freakishly affordable. A good steel-boned corset will usually run a few hundred dollars but I got some of mine for as little as $20!!!! Keep an eye on the sales but ALL of their pricing is good. :)

NickBMorgan said...

Love your hair in those shots!

And the corsets! So Sexy!

And very cute shoes, as well!!!!

megan said...

i love the corsets! it's like a rainbow of sexy.
i like the gift exchange idea, too. audience participation is always fun ^_^

Too Old To Be Cool said...

Okay, I am really really hoping that the mention of PrettyBoy in the next-to-last paragraph means that you two are still together, and the "bad stuff" that's happening has noting to do with that. I enjoyed the video postings - you two make a very cute couple.

And I agree - you look lovely in the corsets and short hair. :)

Tree Seky said...

I realllly love your hair in this photoshoot! SO HOT! love the corsets too!!

Anonymous said...


MoonShadow said...

I can only say....WOW!! You're absolutely gorgeous in those corsets!! I'm so jealous! And I love your idea for the gift exchange thing. Sounds awesome. Rock it girl!!!

Sheridan the Bishonen Baka-sama said...

i wonder am I the only one that the last three reminds of the Power Puff girls?

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