Apartment Life

Yes, the horrid truth is that this happened. >_<

I'd intended to update you all with this and whatnot when we'd first found a place but my life didn't slow down so this is a touch belated. Mid-January we're actually moving OUT of the place we've just moved into.
Still excited to be moving about. PrettyBoy has turned me onto nomadic living!

After the holidays we house-sit for 3months (not the ducks this time!!!) and then we look for a new place! So, I'm sure I'll have other hilarious move-in/move-out stories for you all.

We, uh, replaced this showerhead, btw. Not before it gave me a good knock in the forehead, though. >_<

Anyway, Happy early Thanksgiving, as I don't expect to do a themed comic. Who knows, maybe I will... but just in case, have good holidays!
Not much news otherwise so... see you guys in a day or two. :)

btw, guys, we have more Lunatic Odyssey videos for you all but, in order to protect his copyright on some of his work PrettyBoy is going to be moving his account off of YouTube. So, if the videos go down in the meantime and whatnot don't worry, we're aware, and we'll get them all up and posted again asap. :)


RhainaK said...

This happened to me last week while I was shaving... I guess that just goes to show me that if I'm going to have hairless skin I should let someone else handle it.

Anonymous said...

Before I read the dialogue, I assumed that the blue skin meant that you were Real Cold.

Nic said...

Well, we HAVE been kinda cold but I was just playing about with colors. :P

Anonymous said...

Okay...this made me laugh due to the fact that once while showering with my boyfriend we were just having a casual chat about music. Informed him I was not a big fan of Motley Crue and before I know it he has the shower head pointed at my face screaming "water treatment!"

Anonymous said...

The both of you in the second panel are...really...REALLY pretty. Ahem. Is there a way that can't sound creepy? We recently moved into a house and the shower head was the very first thing that broke, too. But our new one is awesome. So it's okay. :3

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