Tips For Sex-Industry Workers To Keep Warm

Or is that last one just me... ? ;P

Yes, well, all legitimate suggestions!

EDIT: This was scheduled to go up on Friday night while I was out of town but, as I feared, something went wrong and it didn't post. I asked PrettyBoy to post in manually for me in this instance and he did not. You may all blame him for the delayed update. -_- New one tomorrow!

Feels good to be comicing again! I know I already said that but I'm still reveling in being back at it. :) Hey, whatever keeps me motivated!

By the time this goes up I should already be up north visiting my bestie on the farm he now lives on. Hopefully all went smoothly and you're reading this as a timely update. :) And hopefully I'm drunk on good wine and food!

I know I don't draw Nic with body hair very frequently. I've kinda had a crisis of character for a long time where I'm not sure if it's her or just me that has the body hair. I never really made it a plot-point that she's since grown it out after her fateful test with Eve so long ago...
I dunno, what do you guys think?

Most of my latest clients have been seeing me BECAUSE of my body hair. It's a nice niche for me, since it's a personal preference and a rare choice in my business. And I like getting positive attention for it. :) Heck, even the negative attention at least amuses me. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself (though I'm usually laughing at others.)

Uhmmm I feel like I'm mostly rambling now. I also feel like I had something to address to you all that now evades me... Ah, well, couldn't have been terribly important then, I guess? There's always next update.

Oh! Here's a topic.
Clearly I'm very far behind on Featured Fetishes. Would you guys prefer I just pick up at my usual pace and do them twice a month between regular serial updates or would you like me to do a boatload of the pin-up-esque FFs in a row in lieu of regular updates? Or something different? Do them every Friday for awhile instead of every other?

Sound off. Tell me what you want. Art Slave is here to please you, Master. (Or Mistress. Whatever. I top from the bottom like crazy, don't I?)

See you Monday!


Jabbausaf said...

I love hair! Hair hair hair!

That should not surprise you though :P

If I live anywhere close to LA or was passing through on business or something I would stop by and be one of those many clients seeing you because of your hair.

Lori said...

The FF amuses me, but I would hate for you to get bored of them because you are doing them so often... maybe throw in an extra every other month... or something? Happy medium? Buler?

Leah said...

I think next FF should be knife play or corset piercings. It's really interesting and erotic to watch and have done. Okay maybe it's just me, but yeah. So glad to see you making comics again, myself and partner booth look forward to them and other posts.


drippingmercury said...

I second the request for FF piercing/knife play!

AutobotDen said...

I like the idea of giving us an extra one every other month....

I wouldn't mind seeing a FF featuring hair pulling.... Long hair, short hair, curly, straight.... It's fun to pull.... 'specially fun to stretch out tightly curled corkscrews of hair to see how sproingy they are. XD *only does this to her Mistress with permission, but on the flip-side, her Mistress is the only one aside from a licensed beautician who is allowed to touch her hair*

Stevie Rae said...

I'm all for extra FF, but I think it should either be every Friday or just an extra during the month. I'd be afraid you'd get burnt out if you only did them. Love it so much that you're back!

Kate said...

FF every Friday I say! Still excited to see my (NOT auto) erotic asphyxiation. And So glad to have you back, Nic! Been checking like routine as always. As for body hair, you may be the Art Slave but I'll leave that up to your judgment. (Tip from one artist to another though, drawing the hair in every panel will get annoying. If you can handle it, go for it! Whatever makes you happy. :) )

Anonymous said...

I'm another vote for keeping them just on Fridays. It'll also give you more time to pay more attention to detail as you've done with the previous ones. If you did so many at a time in a flood I think there might be times when you'd be unsatisfied because they felt rushed.

Yunie said...

I think it would be best to just get back into your regular schedule. Then it'll hopefully becomse the norm and we'll get regular updates again.
Also, I second (third?) the call for a corset piercing FF! I would love to get some myself, especially since I now have my man who could help me take care of them, haha.

Nic said...

Leah, Dripping, Autobot and Yunie, there is a waiting list of FF requests but I'll add those to it! :) And I always found corset piercings terribly sexy myself but they're not made to be permanent and I've such a fear of needles that I don't think I could handle it for just a few hours of pretty. MAYBE for a photoshoot. :/

Kate, we're coming up on asphyxiation pretty quick! :D

And everyone, thank you for actually letting me hear what you think about the FFs. It's helped me come to my conclusion and I think for a month or two I'll do them EVERY Friday. I don't think I have any long story arcs coming up so that should work out okay. If you guys get sick of seeing them, lemme know, if I get sick of doing them I'll change it back to the twice a month routine. :)

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