Okay, so I'm definitely a little rusty... but it's a comic! That's something. I'm getting back in the swing. :)

Feels good to be working again! By the way, I've dropped my commission prices for the holidays as well. :) Just like the merch sales, it's all gonna go back up in the new year so get ahold of me now while prices are low!

Going to visit my best friend for the weekend. :) Very excited. I should have some comics scheduled to go up in that time so hopefully that will all go smoothly while I'm away.

Another big thank you to those of you gifting me this holiday season! I can't wait to do up some snazzy photoshoots and I've sent out a few prints and whatnot as well. :D

Uhm. Guess that's all for now.
And yes. Dungeons get very cold in the wintertime. D:


Anonymous said...

Perfect for my ice fetish- summer is so boring.

megan said...

Ugh I hear ya...I live in northerish Idaho and I don't think it went above 40 today. I can't even walk around my own home in nothin but my skivvies because it's so cold! Totally lame.

DaeDollie said...

I always forget about winter until night time. We're still wearing shorts and short-sleeves around here. Gets a bit chilly at night...but, yeah. I'm sweating my ass off right now! D:

NickBMorgan said...

Wait, aren't you in Los Angelos? Do they actually have winter there?

Nic said...

Darnit! I forgot to defend myself on the LA winter front.
It DOES get cold here at night. And yes, we Angelinos aren't used to anything below a comfy 70 or so.
But more than that, the dungeon is a big warehouse in an industrial district. We have mostly cement flooring throughout (with carpet only in small, select rooms) and lots of big open spaces. Then add to it that we're all barely dressed and it can get kinda chilly.

Our main lounge gets heat so if we stick together in there it's fairly cozy but anytime you want to go out to the bathroom, kitchen, playrooms, lockerroom etc you freeze your bare bum off!!!

Lord Crios said...

Brrrrr i can immagine your guests.

Werekitten said...

Amen, sister. You should try winter in a Scottish dungeon! My hands actually went blue at one point today - and I was wearing all my clothes and a jacket D:

Anonymous said...

Icicles on nipples, more precisely hanging from nipples, simply has to be drawn. Because we now have to see it. And there is no way that will be done IRL, so it can be photographed. Now get to drawing!

Bibliotheque said...

"There are icicles on my nipples!" -says the girl in the cheongsam, to four girls in their underwear

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