Featured Fetish: Schoolgirl

Whoo. I wasn't sure I could get this one up on time since my friends here in Portland don't have wireless but I have found the time to borrow their computer and I was bright enough to bring a usb cord and card reader with which to transfer my images.
I'm a little drunk right now so please excuse me if my typing isn't top notch.

We saw a live show tonight by the Clumsy Lovers (I hope that's right) and they were excellent. Much dancing and drinking ensued.

I've been having a really grand time visiting my friends, both MissManda and Ed&Cait. You guys are awesome. Long live long friendships. :) <3

So, this is the schoolgirl featured fetish!
This is probably the MOST popular roleplay we get. We have sweet innocent schoolgirl personas to be corrupted as well as wicked and naughty schoolgirls that tempt teacher. I went with a naughty schoolgirl because I can think of lots of future features in which to portray the more innocent of schoolgirls.
I have about a million schoolgirl skirts to my name, because I like variety. I know a more traditional look tends to be a blue or green plaid but something about this little lady just called for pink, in my opinion.

Okay, it's late and my schedule is screwed up from all of the travel and we're getting up early for a festival so to sleep I go. Enjoy! I am very proud of this one.


StealthBuda said...

She looks delicious :D


Josh said...

I'm not sure this one's really a fetish... cuz I can't think of anyone I've ever heard of who said they DIDN'T like it!

Melissa said...

The schoolgirl thing doesn't do a whole lot for me generally. Maybe because it is a bit mainstream, I donno! But I'm adoring the comic, just found it today!

Boomer Gonzales said...

Not sure about anybody else, but I've found the schoolgirl fetish to be more or less a primarily sub or CD one. I've had my share of "schoolgirls", but for the curious; I recommend it's counterpart, the submissive schoolboy. ;)

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