Eve Speaks Out

Ladies and Gentlemen we now return you to your previously scheduled program. :)


IvanHajduk said...

Just for asking, are her breasts really THAT huge? xD

Nic said...

Well, she's not a real person so... yea, she is as you see her. :)

I work with some women that just have naturally giant breasts and some who have large fake breasts. Eve is the resident huge chesty here at NicBuxom and actually I expect them to be discussed amongst the gals in the future. :)

StealthBuda said...

I love Eve. I want to be her friend :)

Glad to see Eve again (she looked hot in the Christmas edition) and glad that you're getting back on track.



Nic said...

And you're going to be getting some art of your own soon, Stealth! Tomorrow is a day dedicated to you. :)

Lord Crios said...

Eve isn't real?!? Oooooh :(

Nic said...

No, but she's based on all different parts and pieces of my real life coworkers. :) We have redheads, we have busty ladies, we have strict Dommes. Trust me, there's varied versions of Eve running all about the place. :P

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