Moral: Blood Thinners Suck

Whoof! So, guys, I'm updating on time but I'm a busy, busy lady. It's still very possible that my Monday update might be late.
I played with two guys yesterday (and turned down a third) and two guys again today. Tomorrow I'm going in early to play with TheShocker yet again and then I'm going to the club at night to get spanked on stage a bit. Then Sunday I'm seeing family and then Monday I'm back to see TheShocker off.

So, yes, I'm a busy girl this week.

I'm extremely tired right now. Not sure what to say about the comic, just details about how SHITTY it is to have a heart condition. Only three more on this topic and then I SWEAR we're back to bdsm. :P

OH, OH EDIT!: I totally forgot, how silly I am! Tonight I took the big box tens unit all the way up to 99 (that's the highest, doesn't go to 100) on high! On my pussy. And then cattle-proded my own pussy.
I've now broken two records for TheShocker and our dungeon. :) I have labia of STEEL!


brian said...

labia of steel sounds like an all female metal band

Casket Studios said...

I had to have bloodthinners a few years ago thanks to a bloodclot in my lung. I'm 21 now, and they were a pain in the ASS. I had to stop everything too. Woe befall you if you have to go to the emergency room - I ended up with a fist-sized welt on my arm cuz they missed the vain setting up my iv. Sounds like a fun weekend!

Nic said...

Yea, Casket, the worst part was how it affected my diet! I was anemic but I couldn't eat/take iron because it thickens the blood! Uuugh. Plus I couldn't have booze or caffiene, which is the majority of my diet now (against doctors orders.) :P

Brian, I would SO rock out to LabiaOfSteel! *headbang*

piratestan said...

Could you still get tied up? Do you even ever get tied up? It's never been mentioned or shown in any of your strips...

Nic said...

Pirate, I could be tied up as long as the binds weren't TOO tight or I'd bruise. It meant struggling had to be kept to a minimal. Also, I had to be careful about things like arms overhead because my blood pressure could drop and I could pass out. I get tied up all the time now. I'm not sure if you meant shibari or rope bondage specifically but I do portray myself as bound a few times like these: , ,

But yea, oddly, I guess restraint hasn't made a huge feature in the comic yet. There's a script in April that has me bound and there's gonna be more in the future but I'm already all scheduled for the next year so no real surprise bondage coming up. :P

tom said...

labia of steel and apparently skin like a banana according to the comic lol

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