Comic 100!

Wheeeee! My first real milestone!
Happy 100th strip everyone!

I feel like time has just flown by. I still feel like the new kid on the block in the realm of comics, I feel like I just started this project yesterday and yet it's been about 9 months already! Sheesh.
I can see and feel that I'm getting more comfortable with my character design and with art in general. My coloring style has improved (I still suck but hey, I'm learning) and pretty soon I'm going to work on a different inking style. I'm proud to see how dedicated I can be when I'm really excited about something. Go me!

And thank you guys! Thank you all! I've so enjoyed speaking to you all and hearing your questions and feedback. You've all been so supportive and funny and you're the reason I try to keep myself to such a tight schedule. You all motivate me, thank you so much, you're a fantastic bunch!
Also, huge thanks to everyone who's linked to me and gotten my name out there for new readers! Reddit, Danielle Corsetto, Pablo Wapsi, Lex, The Webomic Beacon, Between Failures and anyone I may have been daft enough to forget or overlook, you're all stupendous and I thank you so much for your interest!

Celebratory spankings!


Yunie said...

Hooray for 100 comics :D
I haven't posted a comment before now, but I thought 100 was a good time to :3
I really love this comic, it's so cute and fun~

MizTrouble said...

Yours is fast becoming one of my favorite comics. Thanks for writing it :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching 100! I just discovered your site and spent several hours going through all 100 of your comics... brilliant, funny and original. I'll be checking back daily!

MeRLoT said...

congrats on reaching the Triple Digits milestone - the content is presented marvelously and is witty and infinitely entertaining! looking forward to seeing the second (and third...and fourth...) hundred episodes of kink that you'll no-doubt create to keep all of us entertained!

Lord Crios said...

Hoorray for 100 comics! Congrats hun.

Anonymous said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! (we should've gone for celebratory milkshakes @ the cafe yesterday! with..BAILEYS...mmmm!)

Nic said...

We have some baileys left, actually! :D

Anonymous said...

Ma'am turned me on to this comic a few weeks ago and I love it. It's so real. :) Thanks for sharing.

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