Featured Fetish: Puppy-Play

Another featured fetish here! By request, puppy-play!

So, first, the crazy outfit on the chick is just cuz I felt like it, doesn't pertain to this fetish at all.

Puppy-play is a roleplay in which the submissive pretends to be a dog. It's great for humiliation and obediance training. There are ENDLESS toys for puppy-play. Most often here we don't play with the puppy mask and gloves unless a client brings his own specifically because they're expensive and specialized pieces of equipment. There are also tails, harnesses, all sorts of things. We usually just use the staples here: a collar, leash and great verbal direction. If we're feeling particularly mean we can add a toy for fetch or a bowl for floor-eating.

I like to make puppys bark for added humiliation and also to sniff my butt. I can use that either as a reward or as an excuse to punish them. :) It's also fun to lead them about on their leash, making them crawl up front to be seen by all of the ladies. Sometimes I'll force them to lick the ladies feet like a slobbery little dog would.

This roleplay is also a great excuse to utilize cages!

Well, not sure what else to say on the matter... Let me know if you have any questions!


Woodwose said...

It's a facinating fetish. For millenia human beings have worn skins and masks and pretended to be animals. It's one of those things that will probably never go away, and has evolved as society has. From stone age hunting rituals, that are still seen in some tribal cultures to pet-play and furries.

Vera Wylde said...

Animal play has always interested me, partly from the level of commitment some people have to it. Horse play especially has some CRAZY accessories and so many of them.

Not sure when you take suggestions for the next featured fetish but to just toss it out there I wouldn't mind seeing forced feminization.

Anonymous said...

Sticky Fetish for the next one.

My boy's fetish, and I have participated in it many times.

Have you? Its quite the clean up, but just hot water and a shower clean it up just fine.

Nic said...

I'll put those on the list! But just so you guys know the featured fetishes are now booked up till June! :O
I actually have a pair of horse hoof shoes on my wishlist. I like pony-play specifically FOR all of the crazy accessories! Especially the shoes and head-dresses for show-ponies! And I LOVE forced-feminization! Can't wait to get to that one!

Haha, I've never done the sticky fetish one! Specifically because it IS so messy. We don't really have a place where we could do it in the dungeon. But I have watched videos of women stuck in "gum" and marveled at how they created such a large sticky pool of the stuff. Closest I've ever gotten is my chocolate wrestling. :P

Anonymous said...

It's actually really easy for the sticky (gum) fetish.

XD Just marshmallows and gummy bears melted down, give it a few minutes to cool.

Makes the whoooole house smell fruity and yummy. Kinda fun, and I am impressed with how stick and how actual stuck you can get in it. haha.

I don't have a fetish but I have always been intrigued by them, so I wasn't freaked out when he got the courage to tell me about his. :3

Nic said...

It sounds kinda fun, actually!

Anonymous said...

It never ceasses to amaze me on how many fetishes there are out there. I don't mean it negatively. i am just amazed.

Nic said...

Yep, if you can think it up, it's probably somebodies fetish!

Steven said...

I'm not the type to like things that involve pretending to be animals. I had a girlfriend who wanted to be a cat (70%) of time, crawling on all fours in the apartment and meowing between sentences.

But I kind of like this one. Because its not acting like a dog, its being treated like a dog. Which is humilating and makes my submissive senses tingle.

Anonymous said...

Definatly my Favourtie Fetish ^^

Hikori said...

Agreed, i love this fetish >x< My old mistress used to enjoy it a bit too~ >x<

Liv said...

*tail wags*

radiolady said...

ooooo sooooo want a puppy!
i am more the person to come to after play is over
i give good scritchies and comfort for subdrop

Anonymous said...

Aruuuu -wags tail fast- me and mashter wuv our fetish

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