Featured Fetish: Piggy-Backing

Featured Fetish time! I know you've missed it. :)
So, Piggy-Backing! Yes, this is a REAL fetish. And actually, as I've encountered it, USUALLY the guys want us, the ladies, to give them the piggy-back ride. I just thought it'd be cuter to have a chick riding a guy. Unfortunately... this came out creepier than I expected. I thought it would be bright to put the smallest Mistress atop as rider but now it looks like a little kid and gives a creepy incest vibe. I'm sorry! Wasn't my intention. D:

Anyway, Piggy-Backing! Piggy-Back fetishists are some of the kindest souls I've had the pleasure of playing with. They're always very sweet and playful. Not all girls do piggy-back sessions because they're quite difficult. Being a bigger, stronger lady I love taking them! Piggy-backers tend to be smallish. If a huge guy wanted this I don't know that we'd have anyone capable but they tend to be petite or at least slim. Also, they're always very considerate about letting me have short breaks. :) Piggy-backers keep AT LEAST their boxers on, they don't get a free chance to rub their bare cocks against my back or anything like that. Also, I can't recall any of them every getting boners during the ride.

Most of them discovered their fetish sometime in highschool or at a young age when a friend of theirs playfully gave them a piggy-ride. You can find piggy-back videos all over the net, or so they excitedly tell me. :)

In short, I LOVE piggy-back sessions! I have strong legs and can run about fairly fast with a guy on my back. :D

Oh! PS I forgot to say that someone requested I do a "carrying" fetish but since we don't get anything as specific as that in the dungeon I went with this as the closest thing. Second to that might be guys who like the wrestlers who can lift them overhead but that's for another Featured Fetish. :P


Anonymous said...

hell I just think it's fun to give/receive piggy back rides, didn't know it was a fetish.

M1ssKi77y said...

I would love to see the opposite of this pic as well, a cute, slightly bashful guy enjoying a piggy-back ride on a flushed and cheery gal. Soooo cute!!

Josh said...

It's a bit disturbing to realize a favorite childhood activity of mine and my father's is considered sexually arousing by some folks out there... o_O;

Anonymous said...

Josh, everything you have ever done in any context is sexually arousing to someone

narkosys said...

I love throwing someone over my shoulders and carrying them around. One of the benefits of being a viking re-enactor is that you get to do things like that and no one bats an eye! (I do ask permission first.)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever done a piggyback ride wearing only one shoe?

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