About 5 Years Ago...

Yes'sir. I do indeedily have a heart condition. I mention what it is in the next comic in this arc. We don't have a history in my family and nobody ever knew I was anything but healthy till I suddenly had a heart-attack one day.
In the middle of sex...

I can't make this shit up.

Also, I was slimmer back then and I tried to reflect that a bit. Not sure if it came across but it's not that important. This happened with my ex, before I was with Sharky, though he's had the pleasure of accompanying me to many a doctor visit. :/

So, this is comic number 99! Which means to keep up with my schedule I'm going to cheat a bit and upload a celebratory comic 100 tomorrow instead of my usual Wednesday update. :) Then, after that, the next 5 comics or so continue with details about my heart thing.


Sheridan the Bishonen Baka-sama said...

been there done that and the damn shirt didn't even fit ^_^
mine was mild and the only definitive thing thing the cardiologist came up with was that my E.K.G. "looked a little weird"
i shit you not..those were his exact words
i was diagnosed with "myocardial arrhythmia"
when i told a a med student friend of mine this she laughed. when i asked why she said "thats med speak for your E.K.G. is a little weird"

Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess if you're gonna find out you have something that could kill you it might as well ruin an orgasm while it's at it.

Damn glad is hasn't tho, and that you'd had more since then (what a dull life that would be to survive to).

Anonymous said...

awwww =( this just gave me uber teary eyes =(

Lord Crios said...

Wow, this is really bad.
I've hig blood pressure, and whitout my pills i can have an heart attack. This damned muscle don't work to everyone.

Josh said...

Heart attack during sex?

Well, if things had gone awry, it would've been a hell of an interesting way to go.

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