Here you go, guys, the startling conclusion to this controversial arc!
The twins are confused, as usual.

Yes, we have clients who want some bizarre roleplays and some even involve the other girls. USUALLY we give the ladies a heads-up about these but there are some clients who will purposefully make a nuisance of themselves so that they'll be punished harder. It often works, too, it's hard not to get irked with some particularly annoying guys.

This comic could also be interpreted that Eve is just slick enough to maneuver a bad situation into a paid session. Either way, the lady knows what she's doing and always comes out on top. :)

I'd intially planned to have Nic looking shocked AND pissed in the last panel but decided to leave out the anger. Now I wish I'd included it. Oh well.

I'm not as sick as I have been but I'm still pretty fatigued. That's likely from an insanely busy week on top of being sick. This Friday is our annual half-price party! Time to make lots of money so we can provide booze for Sharky's going away party this Saturday. :)

See ya'll then.


Awesomesauce said...

Lol, that’s hilarious, nice twist!

keep the comics coming! These things brighten up my day!

Lord Crios said...

Damn, i think i love this girl....

(Really happy to hear you are well now)

Tracy said...

best ending evar.

Anja Flower said...

...such a cop-out.

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