It's The Easy Stuff That's Hard

Okay, finally got it up.
(that's what HE said)

We are drawing to a close on the heart-condition story arc. I'm sure you're all thrilled. If I'M bored with it you all must be. I felt this dragged, it wasn't my intention, I'm sorry. From here on out we get back to the fetishes and BDSM. :)

I took myself off of bloodthinners cuz they thought my dangly-bit by the hole in my heart might be a clot. I never thought it was. They did ultra-sounds of my entire body and didn't find a single clot and there was no reason for me to have any clots, either. A year on bloodthinners and the dangly never changed in size at all, that was good enough for me to go with my first hunch that the doctors were wrong. To this day, no one knows what that thing is...
I should go back in and have it checked out again but that takes money and/or health insurance and I have neither. I'm in debt from my last week-long stay in the hospital. Don't even get me STARTED on healtcare in this country. Ugh.

Oh, yea, so I've never been able to do smoking fetishes. Curses. So easy, yet so deadly to me. :(

Anyway! That's all for now, ya'll. I'm seeing Mark this Friday and Saturday night but I should be able to find the time to get up our next Featured Fetish!
See ya then!

Oh yea, PS (don't I always think of something after I post?) I tried to imitate my "queen of hearts" outfit from a few weekends ago in this page. I totally forgot to draw the fishnets, ha! Oh well, a little visual treat for you all being so patient with the medical stuff.


Shadow said...

I was wondering, if it isn't too late to request a fetish, could it be wax play please?

Nic said...

Unfortunately I've had so many requests lately that the Featured Fetishes are booked for a few months but Wax Play is now scheduled for August! :)

LillePalme said...

Hey! I guess this is a bit late now, but I just wanted to say thanks for writing about your heart condition :) I was also on bloodthinners for a year and they did an MRscan of my whole body without any luck. It's just nice (for me) to learn that I'm not the only reasonably healthy young girl with that sort of problem. Just to let your know ;)

Oh, and I love your comic :)

Nic said...

Thank you, Lille! I was very bitter about this for a long time. It made me feel "unlucky" almost. I'd lived my life well and behaved and yet I was STILL dealt a bad set of cards. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. :)

RadRacer said...

I know it's over now, but you shouldn't feel bad for posting about the heart condition. It was very interesting to read about. Hope you can get that thing figured out!

Hegemone said...

What your heart condition could be from the point of view of a science major:

Before a baby is born, there is a hole in their septum of the heart connecting the left side to the right side. This is because an infant's lungs are not functional, their blood is oxygenated through the plancenta rather than through breathing. So the majority of the blood bypasses the lungs, travelling through the oval foramen through the heart and into the rest of the body.

Usually this hole closes sometime in infanthood, if memory serves there's a flap of skin that falls over it sometime after the lungs inflate and the pressure holds it in place. It's uncommon, but not rare to not have this happen. People live their entire lives with the hole intact, but it can lead to a lot of heart problems later in life.

Side-effects? Shortness of breath most likely, probably a stronger feeling of 'acid in the legs' after running, that sort of thing. Essentially there is a pathway for your blood to travel through your heart without picking up the oxygen your system needs. The opening is small so most of the blood goes throuth the pulmonary system to the lungs and back, but there will be a little bit of energy loss because of it.

(I'm not saying that this is what it is for sure, but what you've said about it brings this to mind. Highschool Biology for the win!)

Nic said...

Hegemone, you must know your stuff because the fetal heart-hole is exactly what my docs guessed was up with me. They said it's generally really easy to spot in babies and an easy fix. They didn't, however, mention anything about flap... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

So is it possible that the dangley bit is a remnant of the failed flap attempt?
Also, I'd just like to add: Flappity flap flap!

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