Featured Fetish: Smoking Fetish

Hey guys! Here we are for another Featured Fetish! I went with Smoking because it was shown in my last comic and I thought this would be a good time to expand upon it.

I have NEVER done a smoking fetish, because of my heart condition, but I have observed it. It's an easy fetish (in my opinion.) Most guys simply want to watch you smoke in a sexy way. Others want to be used as an ashtray and there are gag-attachments with ashtrays on the end or you can tap the ash out in their mouths or other body parts. Some more extreme smoking fetishists like you to put your cigs out on their various body parts, as shown above with Coco. :) I love the idea of crushing the burning cherry onto guys assholes, balls and tongues. Unfortunately, no amount of money can make the activity worth it for me to participate in so I must live vicariously through other ladies.

Well... I guess that's all there is to it. If I haven't been clear or anything feel free to ask away but this is pretty self-explanatory, I think.

I'm sorta unhappy with this one as I'm not much of a colorist and I really struggled with this piece for some reason... Anyway, I will improve over time.

But now for something a little different!!! I've been collaborating with my darling little friend Willy to illustrate some of his HILARIOUS stories. Two failed romance tales in particular caught my attentions and you can now see one of them right over here at his blog. Please give him a look-see, he's a very funny and very cute guy. Good thing Sharky's around to protect him from me. ;) And if any of you would like to contribute to his troubles with women to give me some more material to work with he is VERY available, ladies. ;)

I finished this just in time to get ready for work and I have a very special treat tonight! One of my favored playmates Mark is in town! I initially had planned to spend the entire time busting his balls with my healthy kicks but he's apparently feeling competitive with my tens unit records so we're gonna try to get him as high as possible tonight! Time for me to electrocute some balls! :D

Monday's post is the official last one in the story-line about my heart but worry not, it features some play. See you all then!


Julie said...

Why do all the cool people have to live way over on the west coast? :(

Lord Crios said...

Geez, this must hurt.

Nic said...

Aw, Julie. You're welcome to visit us cool people! If it makes you feel any better, I think alot of you folks on the East Coast have wicked accents! ;)

Lord, it's a great way to get rid of pimples. ;) Heeheehee...

MeRLoT said...

...smoldering butts.

James said...

i was wondering if there was any fedish out there that you cant perform because of State Law

Nic said...

James, absolutely. We can't do anything illegal which is one of the reasons there's no prostitution allowed. That doesn't JUST mean I don't fuck the clients. We can't have ANY penetration or fluid swapping, so I can't even stick something up their ass.

Most illegal things I can think of are more of a nationwide issue, so our fantasy castrations and things like that have to remain complete fantasies, and rightfully so! However, I think bestiality laws are state-by-state issues. I can't really list off anything else that is a STATE law specifically and we're lucky that California is fairly liberal. :)

tom said...

This is one fetish i could never do i have a phobia about getting burned

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