Here Eve Comes To Save The Day!

Hello, hello, hello!

Okay, so maybe I'm not as chipper as I sound. I'm beat and I don't mean literally. ;) Still getting over this cold, though I'm doing much better today, and I've had a busy weekend. Stirring up more trouble for myself, as you can see!

I'm not really happy with this comic. I made alot of mistakes while photoshopping it because I'm so tired and was too lazy to go back and remedy them so some of the art is a bit wonky and there weren't as many variations as I'd liked. Still, the arc is moving right along. As you all know, I've said all I can on this topic but I am inclined to remind everyone that these scripts were done months in advance so this isn't any sort of statement or retaliation due to recent events. :P Tomorrow will be the big punchline, finally. Oh Eve, our hero! Bet you'd never thought you'd see that! :O Maybe she's not all bad. :)

So, yes, we certainly do have people blow up at us sometimes and resort to comparing us to prostitutes (in various terms) and otherwise. None of the name-calling gets to us, since we know who and what we are and aren't, but it is VERY annoying to have to deal with belligerent people, just like it would be at any job. Fortunately, we're a very strong and outspoken group of ladies and we're fantastic at quickly being rid of anyone who acts up. I'm going to address that more in future comics further down the line. Also, it's VERY rare that there's any screaming going on (unless it's from pleasure!)

In more recent news tomorrow is Passover so I get to go and dine with Sharky's family. I'm not religious and I'm not Jewish so these occasions can be awkward from time to time but I'm lucky that he has a really sweet, cool and liberal family! Plus, how could I ever turn down free food? :P

And speaking of Sharky, he'll soon be off for 2-4 months on a business trip to Puerto Rico! He leaves in 1-2 weeks so we're seeing him off with a party this weekend. We've never been apart more than a month (for when he goes to Israel yearly) so this is a big, big deal. I mean, 3 months is a quarter of a year! D: You guys may get to hear alot of whining about me missing him. We've lived together almost 4 years now, sleeping at night is going to be a bit different. :/
In better news, though, I WILL be making a trip to visit him somewhere in the middle of his stint over there. It'll probably be just for a week but it'll help break up the big gap without one another.

You're all going to have to keep me company in the meantime. :)

Okay! See you all Wednesday for the conclusion to this little arc!


IverseaKnight said...

Perhaps a 5 stage program to prepare for the upcoming lack of Sharky:

1) Get his scent on a body pillow. Exactly how is something I'm sure you'd have no trouble with.
2) Gather up any remains of his once mighty jew-fro, or devest him of any present attempts at reclaiming it.
3) Attach hair 2 to pillow 1 for at least some small means of keeping close your island-bound honey.
4) ?????
5) Profit.

Nic said...

How can it fail? ;)

Ivan said...

I didn't get much words from the second square but the end is awesome!!!

StealthBuda said...

Eve! And Eve's legs! You're so good to me Nic :)

And ref Sharky going away, welcome to my world. I'm 38 days in now, nearly a third done. Just stay in contact as much as possible, and make sure you're there for each other. Be honest about how you're feeling and be paitent, you'll both have ups and downs. I took lots of photos before I left (as you've seen) and I find that helps.

You know I'm here for you (and Eve :)


Vera Wylde said...

I thought this was the big finish, I loved it. There are some dommes you just DON'T want to get on the wrong side of. Knowing there's more to this little series has me very excited.

Good thing you're getting to visit Sharky once he's gone, otherwise that's a really long ass time.

Lord Crios said...

LoL you've right on comics, but is too funny.

Charlayy said...

Lol, I probably shouldn't be on your blogspot XD
your like my new idol XD

Anonymous said...

its always confused me when people go to apply for a position like this then when denied the position calling the people who already have the position whores
thats what you were just applying for! a second ago you wanted to be a whore!
what does that say about you?
honestly, no, i dont believe youre whores. just so we are clear i think youre the best kind of people out there cause youre very honest and clear. whores are dishonest streetwalkers who sell sex while youre honestly simply selling sombody their fantasy and making them able to turn it into a reality

nihilix said...

I'm a big fan so far - been reading through the archive for a couple weeks, and this latest trans discussion was fascinating. There's a big online trans community and they're feisty!

The whole thing got a little flamey. I read both of those links that the one poster put out and from a reference in one of them - I think they nuked too quickly.

(Sigh - I'm like it's been months, I hope this gets read but not reigniting!)

I'm a white community organizer. We trained a lot on antiracism since when you're fighting the good fight with people who get pushed around by the big guys (which is what community organizers do) in most places in the US there's people of color there.

And a big part of the antiracism training was realizing how white privilege works. You have it without realizing it, if you're white. It's hard to see - easy to ignore, if it benefits you. It's also about systems not people - like if a cop pulls you over, have you ever thought 'at least I'm white?' That's because the 'criminal justice' system is racist.

My faith path supports sexuality in many ways; through my faith community I've met some transgender folks. I like to think of myself as an authentic ally.

Anyway, where you said you have no privilege Nik is what set some off. I think you're white (I've seen some of your pictures) so you do have some privilege, and I have more as a guy, and we both do as cisgendered.

Having privilege is not the same as being actively prejudiced! I dress in a suit and tie, put my hair back, shave, and boom, I get different looks walking down the street. I let my hippy freak flag fly, it's a somewhat different story...

You're a member of the kinky community, queer (even if your main relationship is 'straight'), you're not skinny, all of these put you out of the mainstream, all of these make you 'other'... but not in the same way as someone black/Hispanic/trans.

Not to say one form of oppression is more or less - there's a great phrase, we're not trying to win the gold in the oppression olympics - but you got some and not others.

Anyway, my take is that you're openhearted, thick skinned (how many paddles broken?) and having fun with a comic that really well expresses your experience. The trans warriors I salute for fighting a battle that needs to be fought, and you're responses (so far, I have yet to read the next comic) have shown willingness to get to core truth.

When you say - if you don't like it don't read my comic - that's true, but there's also this; if you saw someone with a somewhat funny but sometimes racist comic, you might feel the urge to (as the church folks say) witness the racism and call it for what it is. That's legit, I think. To keep coming back, that's more than just trying to educate, that's trying to fight.

Anyway, I'll keep reading. Thanks for the opportunity to bloviate.

Anonymous said...

I'm very curios, do you ever join sharky on these trips to israel, because I recently made aliyah (ask sharky what it means, he can probably explain it better). And I would love to meet both of you.

Nic said...

Anon, Unfortunately I never got the chance to visit Israel before Sharky and I broke up. I had long wanted to but maybe I'll have some other chance someday. :)

I would love to meet with you, though! And you could always meet my new beau PrettyBoy. He starts showing up in the comic abit later. :)

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