Saint Paddles Day

Well, howdy folks!
So, I whipped this up in the last hour or two when it finally dawned on me that it's StPatties Day. I know you've all been missing Eve. :) And it would be a shame for our resident redhead to not make an appearance on today of all days!

Right, so, we're still one comic behind at this point so I figure I'm going to upload another comic either tomorrow or Friday and then by Saturday's Featured Fetish we'll be back up to date! :D

Oh, and while I DID wear green this "St Paddles Day" I still took a good beating regardless when I bumped into an old friend. Sharky gave me a pretty green rope-harness for the occassion and I thought I'd share it with you all here.
I loved the heart and he improved on the finishing tie by the end of the night. Also, unfortunately we forgot to get pics of the front, which was similar to a rope corset and very pretty.

So, have a drink for me, guys, and be safe!


Un mamut cualquiera said...

That rope looks amazing on you girl, and the drink was on you (apple wine with some 7up) so.... MERRY PATRICKS DAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you DO have a big arse, it's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...a new tradition to replace pinching? May have to try this with my girl next year >:)


M1ssKi77y said...

Oh how lovely!

Boomer Gonzales said...

Now THIS sounds like a tradition I can get behind.

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