I Like To Sing-a

More freaky stuff for you all.
Now, this one was not a client of mine, actually, but one of a coworker of mine. The strangest part of it, to me, was that instead of finding this odd in the slightest she was flattered that he liked to listen to her croon.
Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed the session if it'd been me. :) I love to sing!

I'm behind (as I'm sure you've noticed) so I'm trying to crank out my last few Freaky Fetishes before the end of this month. Saturday is my 26th birthday so if you wanna join in the gift-giving you're welcome to take a peek over at my wishlist. :)


model S said...

FIRST! also i'm really enjoying the comic nic. and happy birthday. though i'm too poor to buy you anything.

Pernicious Paradise Productions said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Why did you delete that guy ^^^ right above me's comment?

Anna said...

I'd totally buy you something, but I'm totally broke. =(

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Nic!

Just grabbed you something from your wish list (not a sub/slave, just a fan of the comic); figured it's better than getting you a donation as a gift. Hey though, you should find more stuff you'd "love to have". Took four pages until I found something not marked "3- Like to have". Anyway, enjoy 26!


model S said...

on a side note, are thos spiderweb wall chains real? if so i should seriously get some for my sub. she'd love that. if they're just for astetics, well dang, i'll have to MAKE them.

Nic said...

Anon, I didn't remove the comment, the person who wrote it did.

Zk, why thank you so! I dunno, I guess I feel like I could live without all of that stuff. I LIKE it but only a few items make me really super excited. The rest, I try to tell myself I don't need... >_< *greedy*

ModelS, Yea, they're totally real! They've always been popular for the aesthetic but they actually work really great for opening up possibilities as to where to cuff different limbs! Also, it helps with really tall and really short subs cuz anyone fits. :) Here's an old pic of the ones we had at PAS that I dug up: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-jQQMON8BgVo/R7lfOK4sr8I/AAAAAAAAAbY/uwNczaCtY94/alc.jpg (that's my booty)

Bibliotheque said...

I have never seen spiderweb chains before (outside of Saturday Morning cartoons; and people wonder why people who grew up with "Capture, don't harm" cartoons sometimes end up with bondage fetishes ;D). VERY interesting!

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