Okay, in reality you never leave slaves alone for more than 10 minutes and usually you hang around nearby to be sure they're okay. Leaving someone during a scene can be VERY dangerous depending on the conditions and it's not really recommended until you've established a very close trust with someone.

Still, I think it's kinda funny that some guys LITERALLY pay us to just not be around.
Odd, no?


Vera Wylde said...

Oh if you find the right people you can get paid for ANYTHING. I'm not sure what it is but the look of Nic in the second panel might be my favorite image of her to date. Just the right amount of attitude I think.

Piratestan said...

Well, guys are paying you all the time to do things that you'd gladly do for free... if guys weren't willing to pay you for it! lol

Scotty said...

Do professional subs/slaves ever have to have after-care after a session? Or is it assumed that if you need after care, you aren't fit to do subbing as a job and won't get hired?

Nic said...

Unfortunately many of the guys who come in to see pros don't know what they're doing 100%. We're a bunch of tough birds and we have to put up with alot of distasteful and ignorant people. We're lucky that the girls are always here for one another because though we get some clients who are very good at aftercare, most of them can be very selfish or don't understand that the session doesn't just click off in our heads when the buzzer goes off.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. Not the bit about being selfish. The... wow. And I was stunned into disbelief about the ball kicking... geez.


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