Head Shaving

Had an eventful weekend that I briefly outline in tomorrows update (it's scheduled for about this time tomorrow) and it's DomCon this weekend. See some of you there.

As you know I'm a fan of headshaving, I'm sure I've posted a few pics in the past. I do have a headshaving client that I have lots of fun with and was getting haircuts from before PrettyBoy took over. Not going to have Nic shave her head, though, so don't get your hopes up. :) And I'm still rockin' the pink 'hawk IRL.

Haven't been feeling very creative lately which is unusual for me. I apologize again for Freaky Fetish Month being a little less freaky than last year.

See ya tomorrow!

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Bibliotheque said...

Even if I didn't insist on keeping my hair long (I have reasons aside from aesthetic preference), I don't know if I would be willing to let a client shave my head (if I worked in a dungeon) unless they used an electric safety trimmer. They generally don't get enough of the hair (and the electric beard razors that do get down to the skin seem like they'd be the opposite of erotic, but you know the Rule 34 addendum abiut how everything is someone's fetish), but I would have a problem letting someone I didn't literally trust with my life take a razor blade (french OR safety) to my scalp.

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