Another disclaimer, we'd never do this to a client.... unless he asked us to. ;)

I find that slaves into Financial Domination REALLY like to be bullied. That money seriously needs to be taken from them forcefully. So, yea, there's basically a fetish for just being robbed.

So, which one of you is paying my rent? :P

Seeing TheShocker again Friday and then the dungeon's grand opening on Saturday HOSHIT!


Ellash said...

FinDom is awesome! makes me want to Dom again. :D

TwistedTruth said...

<3 FinDom!

Anonymous said...

Financial Domination is about more than just forcefully taking someone's money... I think that more falls under Financial Fetishism. Financial Domination can and does often include the total control of money- be it spending, donating, investing, saving, etc. Sure gifting and tributing can be a part of it, but I feel it better falls under fetishism as it doesn't have strong ties to D/s. It's important to note the separation because often times acts of pure fetishism become confused with domination and undercut at the legitimacy of the Domination.

Pernicious Paradise Productions said...

The wallet in the mouth was my idea :)

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