I've been a huge grouch-face lately. Little things like nitpicking or disagreements are bothering me and lingering in my mind much longer than usual. I feel brooding. Usually I'm pretty happy-go-lucky and I let things go fairly swiftly.
...Also, on that note I want to add that I don't react as strongly as Nic does. I'm usually a very quiet patient type but she's my inner thoughts and feelings amplified.

Anyway, no more rambling about my moodiness. I saw TheShocker over the weekend, seeing another client tomorrow and I also spent the weekend working on a 48hr film and visiting the dungeon for the first time. It's been a busy week.
Here's the breakdown.

The film we were working on was going grand, really beautiful, but a mistake on the camera settings made it so that NONE of the audio recorded. We were all VERY disappointed but not disheartened! We plan to reshoot soon just for fun. :)

And the dungeon!
The dungeon was gorgeous. Plenty of space and very clean, beautiful furniture. The party was extremely packed so I really only got to poke my nose around a teensy bit but I can't fucking wait to spend more time in there alone. <3

Anyway, I'm tired of talking. This one is about sploshing as you can see by the title, which I've always found fun, if messy. :) You know the fatgirl likes foodplay. ;) We did have a client want two booty-full girls to rub their bottoms together with slippery, sticky food between them. Certainly my idea of a good time! Also, I feel like you all deserved to see Honey play. She's mostly a house mother role in my mind but it doesn't mean she can't get down!

Okay, I go.


Vera Wylde said...

I worked on a 48 hour film once, total madness, nutty people and a segway... good times. I tried food play once and the mess just didn't work for me. Spent more time trying to clean up than playing.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I found the last panel sexy?

Nic said...

I don't think so, I found it sexy!
But then... I may not be the case you want to base your definitions of "right" and "wrong" off of. ;)

Stevie Rae said...

I thought it was hella sexy! More big girls and sticky situations plz!

Anonymous said...

LOL. ^^^^ I'm with Steve.

Den said...

Sploshing = fun times! half the fun's licking the sticky mess off your fingers. :3

JacobTaco said...

Is it wrong that this comic gave me a boner?

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