Face Farting

Alrighty! The first of Freaky Fetish Month.
Perhaps not the freakiest but at least something to make most cringe abit. ;)

I actually REALLY like face farting! I like most humiliation based play and I find it endlessly amusing to tell guys to suck my farts. I could go on but... you all probably don't wanna read it. ;)
We've even had clients buy us bean burritos or Indian food etc before a session so that we'll be more flatulent. I'll never turn down free food. ;P
And sometimes it's seriously hard to do on command!!!

Also. Poor PrettyBoy. Sometimes I wonder why he loves me. :D

Anyway. I'm home from San Diego. We had a terribly abysmal show. :( I guess you can't win them all. We'll make up for it next time.

It's starting to get hot out here and I, not a fan of the heat, am suffering and tired and grumpy because of it. Yick.

Anyway, enough of my grouching. Enjoy me raping your perceptions of pleasure with the above comic and brace for more. :) See you Wednesday with something else weird!


Anonymous said...

Farts! Ew ew ew! Don't know what it is about them but they gross me out. I can happily do anal as either giving or receiving straight or gay but as soon as there's a burst of methane that's just about the biggest turn-off.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound like a butt hurt internet dweller, but I was wondering if you wouldn't use rape as an verb when you aren't talking about rape.

Other than that I love your comics and I check them regularly. And I just wanted to thank you for sharing your stories, especially the ones about the day to day thing behind the scenes in a dudgeon, I find them very interesting.

Please keep up the amazing work, and yes So Cal has been really nasty with the heat recently :(

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above Anon. Please don't use the word 'rape' unless you're talking about rape. It's triggering and offensive. Love your comic, love your commentary, but that one bit is a touch offputting.

britt said...

I'm not defending the act of rape, but I think her usage here is fine. What if she used the word fuck? She's mind fucking your perception. I think that's all she means.

Easyryder said...

wow, some sensitive folks here.

I LOVE Nic's face in the first panel, I wear the expression EVERY time I fart, lol! You know, the innocent "it wasn't me it was the dog" look.

Nic said...

Sorry guys but I'm the queen of offensive terms and actions. By no means would I ever condone rape (except in a very clear, pre-discussed and safe-word-safe fantasy then I'm all for it ha) but I like to use colorful language, much of it "dirty." I like giving shocking visuals with my language, too. You've probably noticed me using stomach-churning statements about me smothering your faces into things, too. :P
I guess if you feel raped by my words or comics you can go to therapy, cuz... I can't exactly check ahead atime with you guys to give me the clear to post this. I'm gonna say what I'm gonna say and if you read it then I guess I've pushed my words and ideals on you, against your wills. Sorry. I don't have internet blinders for ya'll.

Den said...

Ooohnoes, someone got a butthurt and got all offended... so they decided to comment and make themselves look like a douche. Grow up and get over yourselves, anonyprudes. In case you haven't noticed, this comic isn't for people who get easily offended, but for those who can see the humor in the part of her life that Nic has graciously chosen to share with us. Get a life, and grow a pair.

As for this comic, I find it far more amusing than I probably have a right to. Fart jokes are funny when used properly, and this is a prime example of such a usage. :3

DaeDollie said...

Bahahaha, loved this comic.

As far as it goes, I couldn't be with someone who got offended or disgusted about farts. I'm kind of a manly woman and I'm going to belch and fart as loud as I can, and wear a smile the whole time (or afterwards. >>;; ). ;D

Oh, can I ask for a blood featured fetish (bloodletting/play/etc)? :D It's one of mine. *cough cough*

Nic said...

Dae, I swear more and more that you may be my long lost twin... And I've added blood to the list! We're backed up in the FF department but I swear I'll get to it eventually. :)

DaeDollie said...

XD I think I'll start probing...I mean, asking...around for answers from my mom. Hahaha!

Also, YAY! That's ok, gives me even more of an excuse to check back here. ;D

Anonymous said...

Annnnd suddenly i feel like i'm looking at a comic of me and my wife, excepting she would be giggling the whole time, and i would be rolling my eyes. thank the devil for a horrible sense of smell.

Whit said...

It isn't an issue of getting "butthurt" and offended, it's just really shitty to trivialize rape when, for those of us who have survived it, it's extremely triggering to see it used like that. It's not equatable to using "fuck" in that sentence, because that's a consenting act. Rape is a serious crime that violates a person and is deeply rooted in misogyny in our society. Until rape allegations are taken more seriously, survivors aren't slut-shamed and victim-blamed for being raped, and our culture isn't geared toward allowing and promoting rape, it's not something to use casually when you could just be less of a dick and put a different word there instead. It says you care more about maintaining your "edgy" persona than switching out one simple word so your readers (1 in every 6 women and 1 in every 33 men) don't have to be triggered and see rape turned into a trivial joke yet again.

I really like this comic, but jeez, this is simple fucking stuff there. I'm glad to keep blocking any ads this site may have and refrain from donating/wishlisting since you can't take a single bit of criticism seriously.

Anonymous said...

Really? You come back to this comic eight months later to tell us that you're still mad, so mad that you'll accuse Nic of not taking criticism seriously and that you're going so far as to refrain from donating/wishlisting, but that you're apparently not offended enough to stop reading the comic?


Anonymous said...

long time reader, first comment. i'm male. i've been a victim. it's just a word. words don't scare me or hurt me. the advice from nic is correct. if you feel a word has injured you, therapy is a good idea. this is not to take away from the seriousness of the crime. it is awful. worse than murder, in my opinion. but word is not going to kill you. and in the same sense a word isn't going to hurt you. if you feel a word hurts you, it is you allowing that word to hurt you. if i got stabbed, would i expect ppl to stop using the word stab?
yes, i take notice when that word is used. when it is used lightly, as here, i try to interpret it lightly.
as for nic, you don't need me to tell you to rock on.
i'm not in the scene, not a Dom, sub, or even switch, i just enjoy the art style and writing style. the sense of humor appeals to me greatly! and i'm getting educated to the lifestyle a little, i had to google some of the words. i wonder how many non scene fans you have?
also, i'm a 3d graphics designer, and i'm very tempted to make an animated 3d nic model. would you or anyone want to see that?

Nic said...

Anon, I would LOVE to see that!
Good on you for being a survivor and for keeping yourself healthy.
I actually have a fair amount of "vanilla" readers! I'm glad for that because I try my best to make the jokes appealing to people outside of the "scene." I don't want this comic to be one big inside joke. Sorry if I throw out unfamiliar terms. I try my best not to do it but sometimes it's just habit.

Anonymous said...

I fucking LOVE this issue. Let's go, motherfucker.

For one, you don't control what others say. You don't like it, the door's right there. You DO NOT have the right not to be offended. You also need to pay attention to INTENT, for fuck's sake. Did she say anything along the lines of...

"What time is it? Oh, it's 5:00? Time to rape some bitches." ?

That's right, she didn't. Movie quote, but it fits my point. It's a fucking word. It has no power unless YOU give it power. You're upset by the word? You haven't resolved a deeper issue then, or it wouldn't matter to you. This is not a debate about how many people get raped, or the statistics thereof. It's not a pulpit for you to declare the evils of someone else's right to free speech, especially based on a completely unrelated incident. Yes, it was tragic that that happened. But it's also irrelevant in regards to this comic.

The tranny comic, right? Same fucking deal. If you chose to chop your dick off, okay, and you STILL have a problem with the word tranny? Maybe you shouldn't have done it. Or maybe you should have come to peace with it BEFORE you let everyone know. Or maybe you should TAKE the time to come to terms with it, because it's gonna come up sooner or later, and shouldn't you be stronger than that? (Or any of the things that you would have to deal with if you kept your member.)

There's a movie called "She's Out of My League". The main character's best friend used to pee himself in school, and the kids called him "Stainer". So the kid tells his friend to CALL HIMSELF STAINER, "so no one can hurt you with it anymore." So he did, and eventually, that word didn't have the power anymore.

My last point is this. I'm one of those guys who runs around calling everyone on Call of Duty (for example) a faggot, and I say "that's gay" when I don't like something. I have a gay friend, Mitch, who is mildly annoyed when I do this. The thing is, I have no hatred towards gays. I've actually always hated Christians for trying to tell people who they can have relationships with, get married to, etc. However, my explanation for it is this. It's just a word to me. I could use anything in the dictionary, and I chose that. Why? Basically because I'm lazy. And also it doesn't mean anything to ME because I don't mean anything by it. And I don't. I'm not some closet gay-hater and I hide behind my little explanation. No. I don't care. And I don't know if he accepts that, or he just puts up with it, but it doesn't matter.

It's a fucking WORD. Get over it. Because either EVERYTHING is offensive and off limits... or nothing is. You don't get to pick and choose.

Nic, I know you don't need defending, but... this is something I'm reeeeeaaaaaally passionate about.


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