Happy Halloween

It's a big one, so click!

Yay! It's NicBuxom's first Halloween! Sorry this didn't go up at midnight like usual, because it was such a large one and because I did full color it took me a bit longer than usual. Plus we are having a little bit of drama with rent and such and it all slowed me down. I'm feeling a little ookie tonight so I'm not even sure I'm going to celebrate Halloween like I normally would but we'll see...

So! This is Nic as Velma (she won over the Mario costume on the twitter vote), Natasja as cowgirl, Honey as a naughty nurse, Miyu as a cheerleader, Coco as a kitty-kat, The Twins Missy and Prissy as devil and angel, Margarita as a bellydancer and Eve as a cop!

The joke is that any of these costumes have and are used in roleplay sessions. :P

And I have a few little treats for you all, this Halloween! No tricks! I promise. :)
I really have dressed up as Velma, multiple times, for those of you who don't already know me for that. ;) Here's a pic or two of that IRL, in the dungeon:

But, I've also been Mario! Here's that one:

Both of those costumes I compiled and made completely by myself. I even stitched the "M" on the Mario hat! :)

I'm thinking of making this comic into a poster/print. If I did, would any of you be interested in buying it?

Also, I found my first "webcomic" that I started with a friend a long time ago. The art is pathetic really and we had a shamefully short run but the jokes (written by my old friend Jeremy Cohen) are actually pretty funny at times. I'll swallow my pride and submit it to your scrutiny here!
I actually kinda like the art/coloring style on these two:

Also, look at how small and boyish I was!

It's sorta based around my friends and I and our interactions and lives at the time. Are you noticing a trend of self-absorption with me yet? ;)

One last goody for you all!
Tomorrow at 3pm Eastern (that's noon for us here on the west coast) I'll be on a live podcast about sexy/fetishy webcomics over at: WebComicsBeacon.
Give me a listen! If you can't make it live you can always listen to the recording later, too. :)

Alright guys, that's it for today! Enjoy the update and have a fun, safe and spooky Halloween night!


Vera Wylde said...

I'd seen the pictures of the Velma outfit on your DA and it's great to see it get a shoutout here. Really was an awesome outfit, sexy while still being exactly what it was on the cartoon.

Melissa said...

*Drools* So in love with that Velma costume. On both of you. I've always liked Velma best.

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