Featured Fetish: Spanking

Featured Fetish Day!
Ah, Spanking!
Probably one of the largest staples of bdsm play!
This one is HUGE. Hand spanking is a personal favorite of mine and it's probably one of the top things that come to mind when people think about Mistresses and punishment. Most people have been spanked in their lives, even if only as a child!

Here is Eve and Nic, doing OTK spanking. OTK is our slang for the highly popular spanking style of "Over The Knee." If you were spanked as a child, this is likely how it was done!

The funny thing is, I was NEVER spanked as a kid or in school or otherwise. I've always been very obediant. My parents say they never needed to spank me. Now, of course, I love it! And I've got the booty to back it up. ;)
I really, really need more spankings in my life!

Oh yea. I got that twitter all you dern kids have been talking about. :)

I'm horrible at figuring it out yet but it will come. I'm expecting to tweet about comic updates and maybe what I'm up to during the day in the dungeon.


StealthBuda said...

Love Nic's facial expression, and her ass looks fantastic. And Eve looks super hot in colour. Can she have a spin off series? :)


Nic said...

Eve wil definitely have more of her interactions shown in the future. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm... spankings. I'm the same way... I was a super obident child that was never spanked... but boy do I enjoy hand spankings now.

Will there be a special Flogger Fetish page? ;p

joe Hennessy said...

yay!!! For Twitter and for spanking!!! :D

Nic said...

FlameFairy, I can do that as the next one! :)

Lord Crios said...

Oh poor dear, if you need more spnking don't be shy, just ask. If i can, i spank you every day LoL

IvanHajduk said...

The best from BDSM, I can tell. It's a pity now I have no one to do it with (broke up)
Loved the drawing and the clours ^^

Vera Wylde said...

If you don't leave a handprint then you're not doing it right.

tom said...

i offer to give out free spankings.

Melissa said...

I totally have a crush on Eve. Looking forward to seeing more of her!

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