Just Business

It's LITERALLY her job!
Don't let Nic's sad expression in the end take away from the punchline. :)

So, I've been home about a week and I've been busy, busy, busy all over again. Yesterday was the half price party at work and I made a fair amount of money. Which is great because I spent ALOT on my vacation. :/

I'm tired because my sleep schedule still isn't back to what it used to be and I've been picking up extra work days to make up for my time away. I have to wake up kinda early tomorrow so I should be getting to bed any minute (but I probably won't.)

Also, in a week I get my IUD follow-up and if all is well I can officially have sex without condoms! Whee! I'm very excited. Here's hoping for the best!

I was very happy with this comic. Everything came out just dandy! I need to start working on backgrounds. I loathe them so I avoid them but I can't do that forever...

Oh, one more thing.
If I started a Nic Buxom twitter would anyone be interested in following it? I figured I could give little updates about how the comic is coming along, the update schedule and what I'm doing at work etc. :)


TJC Martin said...

WHEEE! Good news about the IUD! Glad it's going as planned!

Don't feel the need to cram backgrounds in, i mean, yeah, it might be cool, but I feel the strips simplicity is part of it's charm. I mean, the backgrounds you've done so far all worked great. =)

An NB twitter would be great! I'd follow for definate.

StealthBuda said...

I agree, the lack of backgrounds adds to the style.

I'd be all over a Nic Buxom twitter like spandex on a superhero.

I do miss Eve from the front page though. She's so pruuuuuuty.


joe Hennessy said...

And i third the Simple backrounds. But maybe scenery would help. Like a lamp in the backround or whips and etc hanging on the wall. still leaving it simple.

And i say FUCK YEA to the twitter! I'd subscribe to get mobile updates! thats how much i love you :3

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