Double Trouble

I'm back! I'm home!
Good for me, I updated on time my entire vacation!
I'm extremely tired still, trying to get my schedule back together. Tonight is my first night back at work, even though I only got in two days ago, sheesh. Plus the IUD is bothering me a bit again. Soon (about 2 weeks or so) I go in for my checkup to see if it's expelled or not. JOY. Cross your fingers for me, all!

I was pleased with my lineart on this but I got a bit shakey while inking and fucked up some of my nice linework. It's not horrible or anything but it DID change some things that I'm not pleased with. Still working to pin down a definite design for most of the girls, but I'm pretty comfy with Nic so far.

Eve is one cold, cold lady. Does Nic deserve this for being cheeky when they first met?


TJC Martin said...

Does she deserve it? Nope. Not at all. However, Really not wise to tease a Dom, we can be such a fickle bunch. =P

Good luck with your checkup. *Crosses fingers and toes for you*

Dylan said...

clean up on aisle Nikki!

Welcome back :D

timbateson said...

Eve is the Dom :) Does Nic deserve it... Well, that all depends on how strictly the staff stick to their roles. And if they maintain the sub/dom roles among themselves... Personal opinion? Never upset your Dom :)

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