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I'm extremely tired right now. I can't say I have an excuse to be so, I've just been tired alot recently. I actually had a bloodtest today to get my thyroid checked to see if maybe that's why, since it turns out it's not the anemia.
I'm just one big jumble of health issues, yay!

But on a nicer medical front I'm getting the IUD checked tomorrow and if we get the clear I can officially have sex without condoms! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Okay, ahem, less about me, more about the comic now, amiright?
Just another fun little "how'd you get here" moment. Natasja, the top girl, is Russian, btw. This is her first time speaking, I know. Actually, I think it's the twins first time, too! They're named Missy and Prissy. I really wanna get my character page up so you guys can see their names...
In fact, there's ALOT of things I wanna get up. Sharky! Please! Halp!
Comon, everyone, beg and plead my web-guy and honey Sharky to work on the site for us all! :) The fate of the comic rests in his hands!!!

Oh, and I wanted to address the punchline in this one. It's a little more anti-feminist than I might normally be comfy with but honest to gawd there are girls who take this job as a rebellion of sorts.
Plus, the twins are just young and not all that bright. *shrugs*
They can't help it, I made them that way!

Also, I can't resist teasing you guys...there's going to be somewhat of a reveal in the next comic. Keh keh keh keh keh...
You'll just have to wait and seeeeee! :P


StealthBuda said...

Eve looks awesome. And the twins look very young.

I'm going to start an Eve fan page!

Can you tell us who the reveal is about?


Jodey/Fat Chick Biker said...

Have your Vitamin D checked too.

If you are tired a lot, consider a sleep study as well.

I hope you get to feeling peppier! :D

Nic said...

Stealth, Cool! Eve seems to have alot of admirers. I'm not sure if it's cuz she's kinda a typically busty, slim gal or if it's cuz she's evil. Villainesses get all the love!
And I'll not tell about the reveal until you all see for yourselves! nyah nyah nyah! :P

Jodey, Thanks for the well wishes! If the thyroid test comes back alright then my next step is to take a look at the possibility of diabetes. It runs in the family on both sides and my diet is pretty bad so it's very likely...

StealthBuda said...

Eve is hot, but I think it's more the challenge. To completely dominate a girl like that wouldn't be easy. I could over-power her, but to to spend the time and eventually dominate her emotionally would be a real kick.


tatlew said...

thats funny good work

timbateson said...

I could have almost predicted Eve's response here, based on previous appearances.

Cryptic_Raevn said...

Wait and see, eh? *Clicks next page button.*

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