Twin Trouble

Bet you didn't all see THAT coming!
Yes, we don't actually have any siblings working here with us but the young girls tend to REALLY look and act alike, alot. ESPECIALLY if they're close friends. I tend to have trouble telling young people apart sometimes because they're all working so hard to "fit in" and replicate one another. Missy and Prissy are both 18, btw, and will continue to be refered to as The Twins. :)

So, yay, lesbianism!
Sexiness in this comic should escalate slowly. In about a month we're going to actually start seeing into the sessions a bit here and there and so various stages of undress will come with it. :)

I just got a very sexy gift from my wishlist from one of my biggest fans, MrStealthBuda and I'm just oh so excited about it! I've been trotting around the dungeon here in them all night, getting admiring comments from the other gals. I'm just giddy over them! I can't wait to send him some photos in thanks! ;)


StealthBuda said...

Glad you like them. Shame the other gift didn't arrive at the same time.

I'm not sure if fan suits my dominant nature, but because you're sexy, I'll let it go.

The twins making out is hot though. Good call.


dylan said...

very funny :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!!! HOTTTT... I love how every frame is diferent... We get to see the twins making out from 4 different angles, Woo! And is it me, or is it really that in the last frame there's a hand under the panties hip strap?? (Yes, I was looking that closely!)
;) I also LOVE Nic in the 4th frame Aaaahhh!!! *swoons*

Nic said...

Well, what would you call yourself, SB?

And yes, Mia, that's TOTALLY a hand in the panty-line. Did you also notice the bra-strap unsnapped? ;)

StealthBuda said...

Technically, I am a superfan. It just sounds quite submissive.

I'll think of something better.


Lacey Lou said...

mew mew!!!!! yay twins kissings mew.... draw me draw me next kehe

Nic said...

You're a HUGE fan, SB. ;)

Sorry, bad giant joke. :P

StealthBuda said...

Heh, I like it though, we'll roll with HUGE fan until I think of something better :)


timbateson said...

Really loving the oriental outfit

Anonymous said...

(Technically in the third panel she has her thumb in the panty line.)

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