Drunk Comic Update

Oh lawd but I'm drunk right now. BLame all inconsistancies or flubs in the comic on my sobriety right now. Blugh. So, uh, yea I blame Maya and Will right now. Curse you two for influencing my drinking habits. You bastards. You're both soo cute... Damnit. :)

Anyway, aside from the comic possibly being wretched due to me completeting the inking and all of the color in an inebriated state I hope it's funny. wtffffffffffff don't look at the last panel hand things. Waaahhh I don't know. Would it have been better to have gotten it up tomorrow, late evening, at full copacity or is this almost on time but drunken version good enough?
You're going to have to live with my mistakes, I guess. Just consider it part of my charm. Damn that last half-bottle of tequilla I hid in my flasks. Damn it to hell.

Also, where did these scratches on my arm come from? Again, I blame Maya and WIll, who elses fault could it have been?

Ummm I didn't mean this comic to be condescending towards my clients, its just that ther are moments where I can't belive I'm getting paid to do things and often their childish and easy. So, leaving my vocabulary and grammar behind her is today's comic, enjoy, please don't lynch me due to drunkeness a sober comic will be up Wednesday I swear....I've had a bizarre and difficult day I'm owed some altered states.


Lord Crios said...

Men are really kids :D
Me too giggle.

wahzill said...

I wanna be tickled! >.<

Hikori said...

... dawwww i wish i had a hundred bucks to play hide and seek O_O (I mean to buy a game, paid...)

MasterIppi said...

I found this to be very hilarious. Kudos. I laughed loudly for a long while.

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