Happy 50th!

That's right! Happy 50th update, my lovely fans!
And, while I should really be congratulating MYSELF on sticking to it so far I'm going to reward YOU all but updating THREE times a week now, instead of two!
I just felt like everything was moving along too slowly and with my obsessive scripting already stretching more than a year ahead this will really keep ideas from mounting beyond control.
So, I'll be adding Mondays! Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.
Here's hoping I can keep up with that schedule, that's basically like every other day... I've yet to stumble on the two days a week thing so I have confidence in my own willpower. Plus, I really enjoy being productive.
And this way I can stop being impatient about showing you everything I have in store. :) I think I'm just as excited for each update as you guys are!

Anyway, this is about an hour or two late because for some reason my scanner wasn't working! D: It finally stopped being finicky though. Sorry for the rushed color but ah well.
So, this comic shows you how my strips are actually made, through a slave production line! I'm not the actual artist at all, hahah! Go gimps!


DevilishlySweet Plus said...

Disney is going to kill you when they hear that you've....oh wait...this is how you make *your* comics? Well then, nevermind...

Vera Wylde said...

If you've been planning a year ahead then I think three updates a week is something you can pull off, and it's definitely very exciting! Great strip as always, I'd say "Oh those poor slaves" but I doubt any of them would be complaining.

Lacey Lou said...

i love you

Nic said...

LMAO @ Devilish. :P

ANd thanks you guys! Oops, I mean, you gals! ;)

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