Big Shoes

Heh heh. I own many very tall shoes and it's funny to see clients faces when they see me out of them for the first time. I've even had clients refer to me as extremely tall, one man telling me that he liked how I "towered over the other girls like a giantess." I made a mental note not to kick my shoes off around him. :) I'm actually a fairly average 5'4. But put me in big platform heels and I can easily dwarf most men. It's kinda fun to be tall once in awhile!

I've been feeling fairly hermetic recently and I'm about to further it by simplifying my life and cutting out outside distractions and aggravations that I don't need. Then I can become a more serene and productive person. Plus, people BUG me.
But not you, fair readers. You guys are awesome. :) <3

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StealthBuda said...

We didn't get to see the shoes!

I love tiny girls (as we all know), and I like heels. So I have to hunt for uber short girls so that they can wear heels and still be short.

I really like this comic though. Made me laugh and Nic looks amazing.


Nic said...

Well, normal heels don't change my height all that much but I have some BIG, BIG shoes!

Lacey Lou said...

kehe i love how everything NIC goes through it totally has happen to me!!! Lol this one made me laugh out loud at the dungeon and everyone looked at me kehe....
yay you so funny!!!!


Vera Wylde said...

There's nothing quite as strange as somebody that you always see in tall shoes take them off. I think you actually captured that moment perfectly.

I actually get that on my own a bit too but in reverse. People see me out of heels and suddenly I'm no longer towering over them, throws both of us off sometimes.

Lord Crios said...

Poor hun LoL

nekoMimi Loli said...

awe I thought you were smaller ^_^ I'm tiny, at exactly 5 foot and I wear heels to the clubs and get-togethers. When I take my shoes off most people literally go from looking at where I was a moment before to an extreme head-tilt-down with wide-eyes. I either get a joke about size or "Awe! So cute!" The itty-bitty-ness helps with being a sub I think lol.

Anonymous said...

I love this site, but I have no idea why you draw your character as almost a chibi, when you're not short at all really for a woman. I'm a woman and 5'5. Your perspective is way off, especially with the other women you draw. you draw them as if some are 2 whole feet taller than you.

this isn't meant to be rude, it's just a critique as a fellow artist.

Nic said...

I'm 5'4 and I work around alot of very tall, leggy women. Part of this was to start Nic off as feeling extra small when she was intimidated by the other women. She's grown some since then but is still short compared to most of the women she works with in the sex industry, especially when it comes to their big shoes!!! But, also, this is a cartoony comic so I like to exaggerate. It's not meant to be realism. :P

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