Miny Mistress

Awww, little Mistress Miyu is so cute!
But don't let that fool you... ;)

So, we're finally breaching what goes on in sessions! From this point on you're going to see alot more of the inner-workings of the dungeon. Exciting!

And because I'm so obsessive about this and we have WELL over a years worth of scripts all scheduled I'm gonna jump the gun and tease you all by letting you know that May and June will be FREAKY FETISH months. May was the month NicBuxom first started AND it's my birthday month so it seems fitting. It is in that period that you will finally see revealed the WEIRDEST thing I've ever done. :D

So, for those of you who missed the live broadcast this Sunday here's a few links for you to go and listen to the podcast I did with Webcomic Beacon!
This is a direct link to the mp3 file.
I'm the fuzzy hard to hear one. :P
Oh! And be sure to listen to the VERY end, even past the ending music theme... ;)

I also did the little cover-art for the episode and you can see the full version of it here.
So, those fella's were super cool and I appreciate them having me! Thanks guys!

Also, as mentioned in the podcast, I had a very last minute idea for a costume which you can all peek at right here.
I'm SHOCKED at how many people don't know who Lady Godiva is! I give a quick little run-down of the legend during the beginning of the podcast if you need it. For those too lazy to listen (shame on you) Lady Godiva is most famously known for riding a horse naked through town.
Anyway, I'm rather proud of the costume! Sharky tied his own "bridle" and I made him the little ears. I had the hair lying about and we went for it. It was both terrifying and thrilling to ride around atop him all night. We didn't win first place in the costume contest (just some cute girls in short skirts did) but we won the runner up and got a huge bottle of Cazadores tequila and two nice snifter glasses. :) Yay!

Okay, I think I'm done being a linkwhore now. Check those out. Next update is the 50th update! Should I do something special? Any suggestions?


Vera Wylde said...

Well since you asked for suggestions I had a thought. Perhaps for milestone strips (like one year anniversary or 50th, 100th, etc) you could do live action posed stripped. Photographs of you with bubble captions in place of the drawn works. Your art is of course wonderful but that would be a way to do something special without throwing off your thoroughly planned schedule.

Nic said...

Vera, I was initially advised (just by a number of friends) that maybe I should keep my physical self seperate from my comic...
But between having lots of fans coming over from my photo-heavy deviant art and my recent sharing of photos here maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea... I'll have to give it a think...

RadRacer said...

You could also do something like you did for Halloween, a big celebration comic, maybe with a gag or two thrown in there for good measure(literally or figuratively XD). Or you can do a normal update, but have it in color instead of black and white to celebrate.

Vera Wylde said...

Well as for my suggestion take it or leave it (I do love the comic you made, very appropriate I think and it was nice to see your comic version finally in a dominant position). But as for keeping things seperate I think linking pictures of your real life Velma costume when you did the Halloween strip might have killed that already. I don't think it'd be that big of an issue in your case anyways because (at least as I understand it) the comic version isn't that far removed from your real life anyways. I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually a bit more tame than the reality so I think you're ok on that.

Nic said...

Yea, I was still fumbling for a comic idea right up until the last minute. Plus, I don't look now like I did when I started working, my hair specifically. I agree I've already shown my face a few times but I'm still being discouraged from doing so. We'll see what the future holds. And you're completely right, the reality is MUCH darker than my light-hearted comic. :P

Anonymous said...

ugh... could not sign into my damn account, so this is anonymously unanonymous!

You are such a funny gal, Nic! Loved this one! Really hits close to home, in a funny off beat way... not that I have ever done thins *ahem* *wink, wink*

Love you!!!

Mistress Hikari Phoenix

Nic said...

Heehee, I might have been channeling some specific little Empress here. ;)

timbateson said...

Love the history behind Lady Godiva, since I grew up in London, and am actually very familiar with a lot of the stories from around the country. This one is particularly close to my heart. English history has a lot of stories about such strong women.

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