Men Aren't Always Honest About What They Want.

I am so farging tired.
There is nothing worse than coming home sleepy and drunk from celebrating a friends birthday and having to sit down in front of your laptop and finish a comic before bed.

Death now, plz.

Sorry for the long title. It's just sorta important to the story here, obviously. Yea, some guys will lie about what they want when you interview and then ask for something completely different in session, which really doesn't make sense to me...but it happens.
I'm not talking about guys who change their mind or get a new, interesting idea, either. I'm talking bald-faced lies. Sometimes guys you see again and again and again and they still always lie at first. I can't quite figure out what that's about... Even shame wouldn't make sense, since you are gonna end up seeing what they really want to do anyway. I have no idea.

Anyway, I'm tired and drunk so I think I'm rambling. I have a 12hr shift tomorrow and I have to get up early because of it. Blah. Okay, yes, enjoy, I'll talk at you all in a day or two.

Oh yea, and you might have noticed over there to the left there are a few new buttons. If you wanna vote for me and push me up in the ranks of the webcomic world that would be awesome but I know I'm new and so I'm not expecting much. Still, every little bit helps. Cool, thanks guys. :)


Fesworks said...

I just typed up a big explanation, but it wiped with the login crap, so I don;t care to rewrite it :/

Anonymous said...

Y'know, it occurs to me, a good alternate title for this entry could be "The Customer is Not Always Right" ^_^

Nic said...

I'm just worried some of my future scenarios will call for such titles. ;)

Lacey Lou said...

<3 kehe nic so funny!!!! look how scared she looks

timbateson said...

It comes down to Nic being a sub, and he's asking her to role-switch

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