Can One Be Overqualified?

First Monday update! I'm keeping up with my change in schedule yaaay! Hey, sometimes I have to be proud of myself for the small things.

So, yes, we do have interviews. Interviews are where you discuss with the client what he wants in a session. They're important not only so you know how to act around him (roleplay etc) and what to give him but also so that if he wants something we're not okay with we can tell him ahead of time instead of disappointing him after he's paid. A good example of this is guys who want nipple torture. I don't do ANY kind of nipple torture (on myself, I'm HAPPY to do it TO others) and if a client wants that I need to recommend him to another girl who does enjoy it. :)
Also, sometimes guys want to play REALLY heavy and not all girls can or will take heavy sessions so it's important to make sure everything he wants is in line with what WE want, too. :D
I am a very heavy bottom, btw. I'll probably address that in future comics.

I had fun at the party at my dungeon last night. I cattle-proded MANY people and got to see my client and friend Mark a bit more. For some reason this time felt like I got to spend a bit less time playing with him but it was good to talk and I'm looking forward to more cock and ball torture in the future! I had him try the violet wand for his first time and that was fun as always! I want one of my own SO badly but they're very pricey so I'm hoping someone will be generous and gift me with it someday! In the meantime, I've added it to my wishlist . Christmas IS coming up, after all! :D

Okay, guys, enjoy the update and I'll see you all again this Wednesday, as always!


Anonymous said...

As always, I love how expressive the characters are- the client looks so nervous, embarrassed, and excited, while Nic seems rather smug, yet eager to please. In both cases, adorable!

I can't wait to see more sessions illustrated =D

Nic said...

Thanks JoJo! That's totally what I was going for. :D I love drawing expressions more than anything! Except maybe sexy ladies...hmmm

Alot more session scenes coming up!

Anonymous said...

"I am a very heavy bottom, btw."

I've noticed you have one too ;D

Lacey Lou said...

mew!!!!! NIC is so silly mew !!!! this interview is so true! this made me laugh out loud!!! i was like look daniel look! this is what happens in the interview!!!!

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